Monday, February 6, 2012

Self Defense or "vigilantism?"

After years of corruption and exorbitant union contracts, Detroit is broke.  The city's decline has even been captured in pictures.

With the skyrocketing rate of violence encounters involving private citizens, justifiable homicides are up 70%.

Private security companys and neighborhood militias are the answer with the first solution being arm yourself because this is a violent place and the average 911 police response time is 24 minutes.

Being able to protect one's self is a civil right.  Kinda ties into that whole "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" thing.


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  2. There's a reason I got out of Southeast Michigan as fast as I could. I found these pictures of Detroit just as interesting:

    When I left AD in '03 I worked downtown as a security guard (on midnights) for about 4 months until I found a job in my field elsewhere.

    I do not miss Detroit.

    A T-shirt I saw for sale says it better than I can. "Welcome to Detroit, our crack-whores can beat up your crack-whores"

    When waiting for a flight from ATL to Detroit for Christmas leave, there was the "Top 10 most deadly, highest crime what-have-ya" on the news at the gate where my plane was to board. When Detroit came in near the top, everyone cheered.

    When people ask why the hell I live in Iowa, this is part of the reason. After growing up in that area, spending 5 years between San Diego and LA (Camp Pendleton) and then working 3.5 years in Philly, they can keep the big cities. I'm just going to chill and watch my kids grow with the corn and the beans.

    1. And to answer the question: Self Defense or "vigilantism?", the answer is a little of both. Self Defense surely, vigilantism due to the fact that self-defense is becoming more and more necessary. I don't fault the Police, I work in Public Safety Communications and know what they have to deal with, but when they no longer have the ability to "protect and serve" somebody has to.

  3. OK, last one:

    If this isn't a clue, I don't know what is: