Tuesday, April 10, 2012

On 1911s, Force Recon, and behind the scenes

True story: I toured the Force Recon armory at Camp Los Flores on Pendleton around 2000. As a young grunt Corporal, I was in awe of the Barretts, 1911s, shelved MP5s (Force sucked and HK hated them). I looked at a pile of waiting-for-repair 1911s (literally a pile) in awe and said to the harried looking Force armorer "must be an armorer's dream."

His reply was "more like an armorer's nightmare."

So, ponder parts replacement on a hand fitted weapon in the field.

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  1. I suppose if I were smart and taking a 1911 to field, I'd probably want to have several backup sets of parts just in case. Sadly, until the 1911 manufacturers unfuck themselves and make the gun's parts more interchangeable (if everyone could agree on dimensions and tolerances, it could be done), it's going to suffer from the same fate as ARs in the civilian world with everyone trying to reinvent the wheel.