Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A reminder about the regular infantry

On the internet gun forums, there's folks that turn their noses up at anyone less than "Tier One" (DEVGRU and CAG Delta). Folks that think shooting is the end all, be all and only yardstick by which to measure a military "operator." People for whom Force Recon and MARSOC just aren't good enough.

A while ago, I posted my brother's award writeup. I got the below note from an active duty SEAL that used to be a Marine. I was amazed and proud. Proud of my brother; proud that I know this SEAL. And deeply humbled by the SEAL's own humility.

Anyway, read it and be humbled. I was.

"Tell your brother that after reading his SOA, and Citation, that if he had been in a SOF unit, he probably would have received a Silver Star for his actions in Fallujah. Minimum Bronze Star with "V". Not saying it to make him feel bad, or that he got ripped off, or brag about what we get awarded........but to put it in perspective. USMC fucks their people on medals and awards, everyone knows it.......but to a Former Marine, current SOF............I see a Navy Commendation Medal with V........I know for a fact homeboy got it on, and hung it out. Tell him good job, and we are all proud. Having taken part in that little skirmish, I (only briefly) wanted to return to the USMC Infantry to join them all. My role had its place, but the Marines in Fallujah impressed the fuck out of this old Jarhead. Made me very proud to say that while I was not a Marine in Fallujah, just a lowly Navy SEAL............I was proud that I had been a Marine, and witnessed first hand how effective Marines are in that type of mission and environment. Semper Fi."

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