Sunday, December 16, 2012

Thoughts on the Connecticut atrocities

  You are more likely to be struck by lightning than to be in a mass shooting.  Yes, literally.  

  We spend more on "fighting terrorism" than we do our highways.  You have roughly a one in twenty million chance of being killed by a terrorist.  You have a one in nineteen thousand chance of being a fatality in a car accident.  However, the budget for Homeland "Defense" is at fifty billion.  The budget for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is around one billion.  Think about that.  

  Amongst the death statistics "caused" by guns in the US, suicides are counted as "murders."   

  In 1927, the deadliest school massacre in US history occurred.  People grieved, and no laws were made, no rights threatened, no knee jerk reactions were mandated into law.  Sometimes terrible things happen.  However, one mother suggests (from painful personal experience) that we do need change of another kind and that would be mental health laws and/or help for parents of children in need.  Read her truly sobering story here.  I note that she doesn't attempt the morally and intellectually bankrupt approach of blaming a knife for her son's aggression.  

  Why can't we have voluntarily armed and formally trained teachers just like our armed airlines pilots program?  

  Myself, I think we could do something to drastically lower our crime and murder rates.  

  We could end the war on drugs.




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