Saturday, January 5, 2013

Connecticut politician moves swiftly

To helpfully identify Connecticut gun owners with a badge they must wear in public.  In the shape of a yellow star, the badge must be worn in public at all times in order to “to get a broader discussion going on gun issues and mental health in the state.”  We'll call it the "yellow badge of gun owners."

 OK, he hasn't proposed the yellow star YET. However, Stephen Dargan hopes to promote a "broader discussion" by publishing the names and addresses of all 170,000 Connecticut gun owners.  You see, publishing the names and addresses of gun owners online helps the public by letting criminals know where retired police officers live.  Makes sense, right?

 You see, an online searchable database is not state sanctioned bullying but.....oh, I can't go on with a straight face. More here:  Feel free to let the cowardly bully know how you feel here with an email to  Feel free to ask him how an online searchable database of gun owners and their home addresses has anything at all to to with engendering a discussion on gun laws and mental health.

This sort of state sanctioned bullying is something I literally cannot fathom.  I understand that he's trying to bully and shame gun owners which is typical passive aggression and misuse of the powers granted to his office.  However, I do not understand how he can do this with a straight face.  People with families, people with stalkers are on this list.  How can any human being sanction this invasion of privacy?  It's one thing to attempt to ban weapons but to publish names and addresses in an online searchable database?  How do you look yourself in the mirror, Mr Dargan?  If your bill goes through and ONE person's home is invaded, ONE person is hurt; the blood is on your hands, Stephen Dargan.  I do understand that you do not care and will instead seize any incident as a handy excuse to ban all weapons.  I get you, I really do.  I just have more morals than you do, you despicable coward.


  1. I emailed him and did just that. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. Some folks make it really hard not to go Godwin.

    Alternatively, perhaps they could put a special section for CCW permit holders in the back of public buses, so that normal people can ride up front, unafraid that the person next to them is carrying a hidden gun.

    1. You think the gun ban crowd is going to let us ride busses? Their left wing psych doctors will just declare all gun owners to be mentally ill so their storm troopers can lock us up in their looney bins.