Friday, July 12, 2013

And just when you thought's staff couldn't get any more petty or vindictive, they double down

"TCinVA/JohnWayne_777" just took a hit for being on the wrong side.  That's his account profile below.

  Stay classy M4carbine, stay classy.

  You see, today's gun owner looking for an online gun forum doesn't value integrity nor maturity when it comes to site staff......  Abusing your forum moderation powers over an argument outside of the forum will absolutely engender trust in yourself and your staff, thereby building upon your forum's reputation as a whole.

  Of course, the guy in question moderates at a gun forum where's daily traffic is but an hourly blip.  Hmmm.....wonder if that will backfire for M4carbine......  What could possibly go wrong?

  Only a matter of time before they fuck with my account.  Stay tuned.

  Also........You can't stop the signal.

Hackathorne, DocGKR, M4carbine, AAR

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