Monday, February 24, 2014

LWRC acquired by Colt

Told ya so in November.

Interesting and kinda sad twist:  This development that has been in the works since last fall is now being attributed by F&D Defense as an effort by LWRC's owner and shareholders to avoid F&D's lawsuit.  A direct quote from F&D's front page of their web site.

LWRCI has moved to sale ownership of its company on the heels of revelations that F&D is the actual inventor of its flagship Intellectual Property which is incorporated into its M6-IC, M6-IC-SPR, M6A2, M6A2 SPR, M6-SL, PSD, M6.8-A2, M6.8-SPR, M6.8-UCIW, and REPR rifles, enabling its piston system to function properly.

F&D had a contentious relationship with the rest of the precision rifle world long before this little announcement.  Their staff would get on SnipersHide forums and honestly make the rest of the world run away from their products and company through their immature tone and willingness to not take the high road but rather to squabble in an adolescent fashion, usually after one of their rifles did not shoot that well as reported by an independent tester.  Most of their worst tiffs have been disappeared, no doubt related to the current lawsuit in which it's reported that the owner of F&D is representing himself.  
What could possibly go wrong?

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