Saturday, November 12, 2011

Another laconic hero

  Tam noticed that yesterday's post on Master Sergeant Blanton had a bit of warrior laconism.

  Well, here's a bit more and it's close to home for me as it's from my little brother.

  At 1:50, watch for the reporter breathlessly exclaiming "it's a game of cat and mouse."

  My brother is the guy behind the SR-25 sniper rifle; a weapon he put to good use during the Second Battle of Fallujah.  There was a bounty on Marine Scout Sniper's heads.  The M40 standard issue bolt action Remington 700 based Marine sniper rifle had been reworked into the A3 "battle club" configuration by Quantico.  They took a very nice, fairly light, and easy handling sniper rifle and turned it into a ridiculously heavy tactical style benchrest rifle with superb accuracy.  My brother found out that you don't need sub MOA accuracy in urban sniping.  He found out that clearing a room with the SR-25 you have works in a pinch; a hell of a lot better than swapping out your heavy bolt action for an M4.  He found out that the insurgents couldn't differentiate between a regular grunt carrying an M4 and a Scout Sniper carrying an SR-25.

  What does he say when he acquires the target at 400 yards and prepares to make the shot?

 "Yeah, yeah."

  1:50 on the video.


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