Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Giving back to Veterans

  There's folks that say "thank you for your service "(much appreciated) and there's some that do a bit more.

  This past Veteran's Day; veterans showed up to combined handgun and carbine shooting clinic put on by Jack AKA "Failure2Stop" of F2SConsulting and Todd Green and his merry band of men from Pistol-Forum.  Volunteers, mind you.  As in free range time, as in offering use of a carbine and free ammo to a vet as documented here.  TCinVA is not the sort of guy that would mention his own generosity so I'm doing it for him.

  This is not the first time has done this sort of thing either.....  Not to mention a little somethingsomething prize for the wildly popular ongoing Drill of the Week.

  Folks, there's a new carbine instructor on the horizon.  A guy who literally wrote the book on the Marine Corps new combat marksmanship training and standards.  A guy loaned out to the Royal Marines for three years to show our buddies across the pond how we shoot small arms and to train them accordingly.  A guy who can tell you about making shots as a DM (Designated Marksman) whilst laid up behind concrete rubble that had a dead, green human hand sticking out.  One of the first military testers of the FN SCAR.  Taught CQB to the Royal Marines. Deployed to five different combat zones.

  Failure2Stop is getting ready to announce classes.  I'll be first in line.  He and I went shooting together.  It was one of those range sessions where you're thinking "I HATE shooting with this guy because he makes me feel like I can't shoot at all.  Sorta embarrassing.

  Here he is, shooting at Todd Green's Aim Fast Hit Fast class.  Note the three (count'em, 3!) cases in the air as he is back on target already.

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