Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Gabe Suarez is getting into the AR15 magazine game

  Looks definitely like a rebranded Lancer AWM to me, your thoughts?  Let's not make this about Suarez personally other than the irony of a guy who hated on ARs for so long now making AR magazines.  Suarez's mag above, Lancer AWM mag below.  The product description on his web store and here's the product description at Lancer.


  1. Actually, I am not making an AR-15 magazine. TSD Combat Systems is. TSD is making all sorts of things. TSD will invariably produce a high end AR-15 as well. No statement...just capitalism.

    For the record, I do not hate the AR-15, I simply prefer the AK-47 system. Suarez International has plenty of staff instructors from the US military community that teach and prefer the AR/M4. If nothing else, this is an inclusive group of companies.

    And as far as those who hate the magazine because I am associated with it...well, let's just say the first production run has been spoken for. Haters gonna hate, and that is not going to keep anyone here up at night.

    If the owners of this blog would like a few for T&E, feel free to contact TSD at

  2. Interesting. As a side note I have a few AWM's and they are awesome, gonna try them this weekend at the F2S class and see how they do.