Friday, December 30, 2011

California politician to retired LEOs: give up your patrol rifles

  After a breathless expose by a San Francisco paper detailing personal purchases by LEOs (Law Enforcement Officers) of eeevul assault rifles "patrol rifles" (think AR15s), California Assemblyman Roger Dickinson has stepped in to keep retired LEOs from retaining their rifles after retiring.  Governor Jerry Brown, back when he was the state's Attorney General, ruled that retired LEOs must give said rifles up upon retiring last December.  Looks like Dickinson is trying get the implementation of said ruling rolling, you know for the children.

"What's the justification, in the event of retirement, that would suggest an officer or a former officer would need such a weapon?" Dickinson asked. Having thousands of assault weapons in the hands of former police officers "only increases the risk, it would seem to me, that such weapons would find their way into the hands of people who don't have a legitimate law enforcement purpose."

Source: Retiring Officers Want to Keep Assault Guns | NBC San Diego 

  More shrill hysteria has ensued over active duty LEOs having these weapons.  One Oakland councilwoman is apparently worried that the Oakland PD could use these rifles on Occupy protesters (you can't make this up).

Oakland City Councilwoman Jane Brunner questioned the policy, particularly for a department that has a reputation for excessive force, most recently against Occupy protesters.  "I do not believe the police officers should be able to buy them personally anymore," she said. "Particularly after everything that has happened in Oakland, we need to make sure our officers are following protocol.
  Apparently CA police departments need to register their rifles with the US Justice Department.....

  Meanwhile, those pesky gun rights activists at the CalGuns foundation are filing suit on behalf of a retired officer.

The Calguns Foundation, which supports gun owners' rights, plans to use the peace officer exemption in a lawsuit next year that will attempt to overturn California's ban on civilian ownership of assault weapons, said foundation attorney Jason A. Davis of Mission Viejo.
The foundation will argue that California's assault weapons ban violates the equal protection clause of the U.S. Constitution, because before the attorney general's opinion, retired officers were able to keep weapons not available to the general public

Source: Retiring Officers Want to Keep Assault Guns | NBC San Diego 
  Something that made me laugh is that the CA Fish and Game Wardens have some of these personally purchased rifles as well but their department spokesman literally said he did not know why their officers have the rifles.

  Remember folks, this is the state in which there is a growing movement to blame fast food for obesity in poor folks and actually enact laws against fast food joints and to consider mandating use of condoms in porn.  You know, because our elected overlords know best....  The same elected overlords who deem California residents as not needing "shall issue" concealed carry permits but.....all animals are equal but some are more equal than others.

  Mark my words, LEOs.  Sooner or later you will lose your right to carry after you retire.  "High capacity magazines" will soon become serialized, controlled gear for LEOs.  A government that thinks it can fix every problem ends up controlling every aspect of your life.  You give up your rights for false semblance of security.

 One can only wonder if the California police unions will finally realize that the CA Democratic Party is hell bent on making California a socialist utopia, free of guns, fatty foods, bad thoughts, Constituional rights, etc....

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