Monday, May 13, 2013

FN FS2000 being discontinued rumors

Here's one source and there's a few others floating around.  I believe them, myself.  Luckily, the military versions (the F2000) is still being produced for the spare parts availability problem.  I've fired a friend's FS2000 and I just didn't get it.  One wonders if FN is just concentrating on the SCAR or did these things not sell well, even during the recent Barackolypse 2.0 Gun Buying Panic?

  Anyway, here's a sort of review of one from a good friend.  Said review is from years ago but I think it's still informative.  Said friend is now a Ranger combat vet and is still a dedicated shooter.

  I bought an FN FS2000 on a whim the other day. I handled it, I thought it was interesting, it was selling for $300 less than they list for, so I picked it up. Also, with rabbit season just around the corner, I wanted something compact that I could have fun with in the car, and also it just drops the empty casings out the front, which is nice for when you're shooting at vermin from inside a vehicle. Hot brass near the pedals is always better than hot brass on leather, or down a friend's shirt. It's a fun shooter. 

  It points well, the Eotech sits just right on it, the balance is nice and it's pretty light. It also is NOT ergonomic like everyone says it is, and it's also not very reliable. Mag changes are barely a step up from the AK, and when it jams, (which it does) it's nearly impossible to get operating again in under 3 minutes. 

A triple feed. I didn't even know this was possible.

This is how you clear a malfunction.

To reload, you grasp the mag, and push up with your knuckle, then wrench the mag free. It doesn't drop free, in fact it'll fight you on it's way out.

With no bolt hold open, you've got to charge it everytime you reload.

Post Script:  the trigger really does suck.


  1. First off, I highly doubt the FS2K is discontinued. I talked with a FNH rep at SHOT and he said straight out the Scar 16s and FS2K sell identically (which means, quite well). However, he said that the 17s was not getting the full civilian treatment since the military was buying them, and they get priority. So, I can only assume that with the gun-craziness right now the FS2K is being sidelined to create more civilian 17s's, which in turn will create more profits. That being said, maybe a FS2K replacement is in the works... After all, the 'rumour' is not that the gun is 100% discontinued, but rather production is halted on it (big difference).

    Now, about this so-called 'review' (done in 2007). To begin with, this is the ONLY person in the history of the platform to have ever experienced a triple feed of the FS2K. Myself, like any other FS2K owner who knows about the gun can straight out say how ludicrious this is, and without any doubt I can clearly say this 'ranger' (if he was) jammed the rounds into the chamber with his fingers and snapped a photo. It is impossible to triple feed. Once the bullet is fired, the casing passes through the 'switch' which throws it down the 'chute'. HOWEVER, if the casing somehow jams in the switch (which I've never experienced in over 8K rounds through mine) it will not chamber the next round correctly (if it all). It is IMPOSSIBLE to have three rounds jammed into the same area.

    As well, this person also claims that the FS2K is not ergonomic nor reliable. I own 4 AR's and a single FS2K. If my FS2K isn't reliable, then my AR's must be paperweights in comparison. As for ergonomics, the only gripe I have is with the magazine release. Aside from that, what else do you want? Your hands are directly where they need to be, the charging handle is easy to access, the inspection cover is a flip away, the selector is the easiest on the planet, the gun is perfectly balanced, and the rifle is always at the ready, without any fumbling (like you get with AR's) when you need to shoulder it.

  2. As a long time owner of a FNH FS2000 I would say there are some pros and cons to this rifle. First is that the FS2000 is not a AR or an AK and lack of knowledge about the weapon would result with problems like the Author describe. Whoever any Ranger would know before using a weapon without proper training ending in malfunctions would not be a reflection on the weapon but the operator.
    This rifle is every bit a reliable as a quality piston system AR-15 with better ergonomics. I will agree that the magazine release should be improved and magazines should drop free. The free drop magazine problem can be fixed by trimming or removing the magazine gasket inside the mag well.