Friday, May 17, 2013

When appendix carry could be so much more or is AIWB mainstream now?

  Please note that I come from an institution where a superior routinely referred one's hands as "foreskin retractors" so don't take the salty language too seriously.

  I'm not the most metrosexual of guys by a long shot but traditional wet shaving; either with a double edge safety razor or a traditional By God straight razor is something very much enjoy.  Can't go back to canned goo shaving cream and ridiculously expensive, mediocre, multiple blade razors.

  Anyway, I frequent a forum for traditional wet shaving.  Badger and Blade and it even has a firearm section.  Reading that sub forum, I saw that one shooter was "enjoying AIWB" (Appendix Inside Waist Band} with a Raven Vanguard 2 "holster" (does that mean AIWB has become mainstream?)  I've tried this holster.  Compared to a purpose built AIWB holster, it's not comfortable.  Seeing that made me realize that more folks are trying AIWB because of these type of holsters known as "minimalist holsters" or (I thought of this, give credit where credit is due) "cock rings for trigger guards" but never get past the minimalist holster to a real AIWB holster and therefore don't know how comfortable this mode of carry can be.

  What a purpose built AIWB holster has on these "cock rings for trigger guards" is that it's built to hold an angle of carry.  It doesn't shift around, angle the barrel into your skin and very nearly slip off certain belts plus, I'm of the idea that one should carry with a holster/firearm that one would compete with.  That means if I want to go shoot at the range, I'm not taking a holster that requires me to remove the holster from my belt, slip the holster on the weapon, and then clip the holster on my belt.

  These "minimalist" holsters are fine for short trips out and about and for when one is in a hurry but for real comfort, stability, and training use; just spend the $60-$80 bucks and get a real AIWB holster.  The difference is overwhelming.  Your body will thank you.

  Pics below show my minimalist holster I bought from Alamo Tactical and my new prototype Dark Star Gear AIWB holster in "Stormtrooper White."  I've carried extensively with both and the minimalist holster is in a drawer.  The purpose built AIWB holster is both more comfortable and conceals far better.  I'm pretty enamored of the new DSG holster; using it every day.  The Alamo Tactical Minimalist is a fine holster, limited by design, just like the Raven Vanguard.  It's not a waste of money but it's certainly not as comfortable or as practical as a real, purpose built AIWB holster.

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