Sunday, October 20, 2013

Congrats to Illinois residents!

  You can now get a concealed carry permit and carry a concealed handgun.......

Unless you're in a bar.

Or a gov't building.

Or a school / preschool / child care facility.

Or a hospital / mental health facility  / nursing home.

Or on public transportation.

Or at any public gathering and other special events open to the public.

Or any building that has received a Special Event Retailer’s license.

Or a public playground.

Or a public park or athletic facility.

Or the Cook County Forest Preserve District.

Or a gaming facility.

Or a stadium.

Or a library.

Or an airport.

Or an amusement park / zoo / museum.

Or a business with a No Guns sign.

Or someone else’s private residence, unless you have the owner’s permission.

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