Saturday, October 26, 2013

The nicest rifle you will see today - APA .300 Win Mag

  A friend (former Marine Scout Sniper and firearms industry professional) ordered this beauty 18 months ago.  It took 18 months to produce because the rifle builder had to find his "happy place" each time he laid hands upon that gorgeous stock.  Perfection occurred.  The rifle is setup for 210 gr VLD bullets.  The "bad" group on the builder's final sheet issued with the rifle is .185 for three shots at 100 yards.  The "good" group is below.  The rifle's owner has safes full of rifles.  This is his favorite.  He reports that the wooden stock feels and handles wonderfully.

Preliminary range report:

#1 First shot on paper. Shot at center diamond.
#2 Adjusted windage/elevation and shot 3 shot group w/ HSM VLD
#3 Three shot group of Corbon
#4 Three shot group of Hornady
#5 adj win/elev from first group w/ HSM and shot final three shot group.

Will clean it up and wait for the custom loaded ammunition to arrive.


  1. That's is a work of art right there! That stock is gorgeous.

  2. That's a beautiful rifle. I'd almost be scared to shoot it for fear of scratching it! Kind of reminds me of the 375 H&H Mannlicher Jered made for his African safaris. God, that was a beautiful rifle as well. Thanks a lot my dear friend Jake P. to share this with me.