Wednesday, January 1, 2014

On tactical training fallouts

Suarez International recently had a whole slew of instructors leave in one fashion or the other and form their own forum, Paragon Pride.  I've always enjoyed reading Suarez's forum Warrior Talk and watching as a bystander, the constant change and adaptation to the training and gear market there.

Right now, WT is focused on gear seemingly and AR15s in particular.  Any gun forum veteran can tell you that is a complete reversal of Suarez's old positions but....Suarez has a long track record of doing so and burning business bridges.  That's not gossip, it's readily available and public information.  Personally, I find it indicative of character when you have a trail of former business associates you can longer speak with but....I'll say this; I dig how Suarez promotes taking care of oneself and family over all other things and I agree with the capitalist sentiment.

Of course, my WT forum membership was sort of revoked in that my password was changed and I cannot get back into the forum but that's a fairly normal practice there.  WT is very censorship heavy (which is their right) so you have to be very careful about what you say and what you link to on that forum.

  I will make a quick prediction that current Suarez instructors and business partners will end up on Paragon Pride so guys, don't be too smug about your current status with Suarez.

Anyway, Paragon Pride has a very good start on their forum and I wish them luck.  You can link to other forums, blogs, etc.There's a lot less group think there and I like hanging out there so far.  Good luck with the new community, guys!

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  1. Thank you for the kind comments. Paragon Pride welcomes all good folks to join.