Tuesday, March 25, 2014

On the growing epidemic of disability claims in the South

  I was talking with a good friend who is native of Appalachia about this and he had the following words that struck a chord with me.  Kinda reminds me of LBJ singlehandedly destroying the poor family unit, giving us our fifth generation welfare "families"  we have today.  I'm currently reading LBJ's biography at the suggestion of a good friend and it's truly revolting how slimey he (LBJ) was.

  Anyway, below are my friend's thoughts on the topic of the disability epidemic in the South.  Consider these words as a "report from the front lines."  Also, said friend is a bit of a thinker.  A self made man, he said he ponders this disability epidemic and sees parallels in F.A. Hayek's work "A road to serfdom".  My friend allowed me to use his words in hopes of getting more to think about what's happening to the self reliant culture of Appalachia.

"It's like this: 
Hard times hit the people barely getting by (see Appalachia) first and hardest and then you dangle that government tit out and once you are addicted, you're fucked.  All you can afford is the 99 cent cheeseburger instead of the salad, and once you get maladapted to that line of thinking, or nonthinking, even if you wanted to change, it is illegal to have a garden and the woodstove doesn't meet EPA standards
Yo dawg, the first hit's free"

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