Sunday, January 1, 2012

"All I have is my son, it's my way of paying back the U.S. for helping Cambodia"

 I personally know this Marine.  He served in my old unit with my my brother.

 This guy lost his eye in Iraq, went back on active duty, and......taught himself how to shoot again using his weak hand and non-dominant  (only) eye.  He graduated Marine Scout Sniper School and went on to serve as a deployed Scout Sniper before returning to Marine Scout Sniper School as an instructor.

 Who isn't humbled by this story?  In another day and age, this would be movie material.  Instead, we have Matt Damon in "Green Zone," a movie a Marine Scout Sniper combat vet buddy of mine (and one of those eeeevul baby killing military contractors) described as "at first I thought it was comedy and was laughing my ass off" but what would a combat veteran who's spent 5 years in Iraq know over Matt Damon and his script writers?  As we all know thanks to Hollywood, an American who serves in war zones is an honorable man until the moment he leaves the military to work for a private company.  Then he is transformed into an an evil baby killer.  Common knowledge.

 From the Marine's father who emigrated to the US from Cambodia in the 60's.  Source article.

 "All I have is my son, it's my way of paying back the U.S. for helping Cambodia in the '60s"

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