Monday, February 4, 2013

Commentary from a friend in Baltimore

  On the Superbowl (Baltimore Ravens won).

17 people have now been murdered in Baltimore as celebration.  Rumor is they will try to get to 52 tonight, just to honor Ray.

Obviously, this is a joke.  Only sixteen people have been murdered in Baltimore in the past 30 days (six in the past week).  Oddly enough, Maryland's strict gun control and limitation of carry permits have not made it a safer place to be than say....neighboring, gun friendly Virginia.  Perplexing indeed but Governor O'Malley's bill banning "assault weapons,' "high capacity magazines," and fingerprinting gun buyers will fix this problem.

Governor O'Malley is considering a 2016 presidential bid.  It is not known at this time if he owns a shotgun like everyone else who wants to ban guns. 

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