Sunday, February 24, 2013

"There always seems to be a problem with Maryland"

so sayeth the head of Beretta, Ugo Gussalli Beretta, after visiting Beretta's Maryland plant and meeting with Maryland's governor Martin O'Malley. You see, in a move straight out of a Colorado Democrat's playbook, Maryland is moving swiftly to take advantage of the tragedy in Connecticut in order to ban "assault weapons" and those eeevil "high capacity clips." Copying the Colorado Democrats closely; when warned that a revenue generating gun manufacturer will leave; the morally unctuous Democrats (worshiping at the alter of Mammon) quickly added an exception for manufacturers of the tools of baby killing in order keep that dirty money in state. Remember the lesson of Colorado; we will ban high capacity magazines in state but are happy to reap to rewards of selling them out of state. Drat that company Magpul who is planning to shrug!

 However, there's a problem......  This whole "Atlas shrugging" business.  Beretta generates a lot of income and jobs for Maryland and they are planning to start manufacturing the civilian version of the ARX-160 rifle in Maryland. their legal counsel notes:

Why expand in a place where the people who built the gun couldn’t buy it?” said Jeffrey Reh, general counsel for Beretta

  In other words, Beretta has nearly had enough.  In the 90's Beretta moved a warehouse to neighboring, gun friendly (and with a much, much lower crime rate) Virginia in the 90's in response to Maryland's gun control antics back then.   Again from Mr. Reh:

I think they thought we were bluffing” in the 1990s, Reh said. “But Berettas don’t bluff.”

  You know, it's time for this.  Time for gun manufacturers to leave the sanctimonious hypocrites.   All over the country, companies are standing up for our rights.  I still encourage the individual to stand up for their rights in these states that could care less for the Constitution and individual rights but it's time for companies to leave these states.  Hit these states in their pocketbooks.  Maybe then the voters will wake up come next election cycle as the Democrats who voted for these measure become forever remembered as "they who sent jobs away in the name of doing nothing for crime, jobs, or rights."

  To truly understand the hypocrisy of the Maryland Democrats, ponder the below statement from Governor O'Malley's spokeswoman.  Think upon how staggeringly hypocritical said statement is from the governor that wants to ban "assault weapons" but is apparently FINE with exporting "assault weapons from his state:

“We think getting assault weapons off the streets and keeping this company (here in Maryland) can both be accomplished,” said Raquel Guillory, O’Malley’s spokeswoman.

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