Friday, February 1, 2013


  A legal immigrant makes a dignified, well reasoned call for sanity regarding the latest gun control hysteria in Connecticut.  The man's diction is perfect, his reasoning sound, his demeanor calm.  Watch for yourself and it's OK to applaud.

What does his Senator Beth Bye do as this man reads his carefully prepared speech and pleads for his lawmakers to listen?

Talk shit on Facebook.  Her mind is already made up and see what she was doing while at her job.  While a man makes a reason, calm, prepared speech; his Senator cannot be bothered to get off Facebook while at work.  Whether you disagree with Mr. Ong or not, anyone can and should be infuriated with the loathsome Beth Bye's juvenile and reprehensible conduct.  

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  1. Unbelievable. It truly makes me sick to my stomach to think that elected officials do not take their responsibilities seriously. People in the corporate world get fired all the time for nonsense like this.