Friday, December 27, 2013

A discussion on the film Heat for 2014

Everybody's seen Heat, right?  RIGHT?!!!

So, how would you personalize the weapons to the characters for 2014?  Such as Tim Sizemore's character Michael Cheritto in HEAT who packed a FAL in the first scene.  I'm thinking that his 2014 choice would be a SCAR-17.......

Vincent Hanna's FNC could be traded for a KAC PDW.

Anyway, looking forward to the discussion.  Here or on forums.


  1. I think the handguns wouldn't change at all.

  2. What no diamond plated P220 for Neil, Tam?!

  3. I would expect a crew that pro to have some access to silencers of some flavor, home made or otherwise. They are already breaking the law with unregistered machineguns and will go full rock and roll when they are all accessory to murder. So what's the problem with breaking one more law for a significant tactical advantage?

    Weapons wise I'd expect them to swap up the sniper rifles for something like an SASS with the thermal sight and silencer.

    For pistols I'd imagine that Al Pachino's colt might be a sig 1911 sub compact with a weapon light.

    I'd like to see Waingro use a revolver instead of a semi auto he seems like a down on his luck individual so maybe something cheap and big like a Taurus Tracker in 44mag.

    Swap the usp for a sig 226.

    Swap the 92f's for glocks.

    Swap the mp5 (classic though it is) to an MP5SD or mp5K with a micro red dot (t1/h1) or a delta point.

    Long guns (not sniper rifles) - should almost all be ar-15 pattern with a fore end capable of accepting attachments (troy, knight, etc) All should have a vertical or angled fore grip and some kind of sight (1-4x or red dot)

    Sorry to get so lazy at the end but I'm "working" today and would like to get at least something work related done lol.