Thursday, December 19, 2013

A few comments on recent popular, new gun lubes

    This is your default reminder that lube really doesn't matter so long as your weapon IS lubed.  Weapons can run dirty and they can run wet with lube but they don't run well dirty and dry.  Nearly any lube will work and ANY lube is better than none.  If out of lube, drizzle some oil off of the dipstick of your vehicle.  Yes, motor oil works FINE.  Also, spring maintenance is more important than choice of lube.  Change out your springs regularly according to the manufacturer's recommendations.  Being that my primary training carbine is a 5.45x39mm AR15 that only sees corrosive ammo, lube choice DOES matter on that platform as the bolt is pitted from my openly admitted neglect in not cleaning it right after shooting corrosive ammo.

  I used Froglube at the Failure2Stop 2 carbine class.  It was cold.  Neither my 5.45x39mm AR15 nor the 5.56mm Sabre/Bravo Company AR I had to switch to (didn't bring enough 5.45 ammo) had a problem shooting in sub freezing temps and the snow.  The Froglube doesn't work that well with the corrosive salts in the Soviet surplus 5.45 ammo I was using though.  A lighter lube works better for this in my opinion.

  Good friend Kevin Boland gave me a bottle of FireClean.  I tried it on my Glocks and 5.45 AR15. Works GREAT.  No smell, doesn't run too much.  Highly recommended.  I like it much better than Froglube.  Buy in confidence.

  Finally, I heard about Rand CLP from ToddG and bought some on a lark from Amazon.  I decided to try it on a Victorinox Swiss Tool that I've had since I was a young infantryman in the Marine Corps in the late 90's.  This tool is great in that it is high quality and never corrodes.  One of the most rust proof pieces of gear that I've ever seen.  Needs longer and thinner pliers though.  That and it's alway been nearly impossible to open the tools on it.  Even after soaking in BreakFree CLP.  I'm not a weak guy but I often had to grab another tool just to use this darned thing.  However, I hit it lightly with Rand CLP and now, it's a different tool than the one I bought over 15 years ago.  I can open every tool easily and with one finger.  I had read of Kyle Lamb saying that he saw this stuff creep upward on a carbine he lubed with it and I gotta say, I believe that now.  I look forward to trying this stuff on my lube test bed, my 5.45 AR15 with corrosive ammo.

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