Monday, December 23, 2013

Terminal Lance hits the big screen

  So, there's this online humor and cartoon web site about the Marine Corps called Terminal Lance.  The author was a "Terminal Lance" or Lance Corporal (E3) that never picked up Corporal (E4).

  Anyway, especially for we grunts; Terminal Lance is funny but sometimes hits pretty close to home on all of the utter bullshit Marines put up with.  Dependapotamuses, haircuts (Marines have to have the sides of their heads shaved every week), and just silly, asinine games played by the leadership are what author of the cartoon hits upon.

  Anyway, young Marines new to the Corps sometimes get a little silly with the Marine Corps oriented tattoos and Terminal Lance decided to have a little fun with that. forward to the new Schwarzenegger flick called Sabotage.  In it, there's a dude sporting the tatt.  You can't make shit like this up.

  Anyway, if you dug this story and Terminal Lance's work, buy his book, and help put a combat vet through college!

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