Friday, January 6, 2012

Armchair quarterbacking by TruthAboutGuns blog (Sarah McKinley)

  The TruthAboutGuns (TTAG) has decided to armchair quarterback the eighteen year old mother of a three month old child Sarah McKinley who defended her home, herself, and her child by killing a knife armed intruder.

  Her crime according to the valiant blogger?  The picture taken.  Never mind that she's without a doubt sleep deprived.  Never mind that she's not even twenty years old yet.  Never mind that she just lost her husband to cancer on Christmas Day.  Heck, her dogs had just been murdered (probably by the thug she killed)!  No, the blogger doesn't like the picture she took.

  This is chickenshit Monday morning quarterbacking of an extreme.  Ever been really sleep deprived, TTAG?  Ever lost a spouse on top of being sleep deprived, TTAG?  Ever cleaned blood off of a couch with a screaming baby, no income, no sleep, a dead spouse, and having undergone hours of questioing by reporters and law enforcement?  Ever been in that situation where you had to end another human's life?

  I do see that you have been in the situation where a blogger takes a cheap shot to generate traffic.

  Myself, I have already donated to the fund set up for the new mother and widow here.  The bank is requesting that funds be sent in via snail mail, FYI.

  If the link does not work for you, use the below verified information (I called the bank).  Please spread the word.

Sarah D. McKinley Donation Account
                                            C/O Chickasha Bank & Trust
P.O. BOX 1307
Chickasha, OK 73023
(405) 222-0550


  1. First, remember that TTAG is not a monolithic enterprise. Each author has their own opinion. As do the commentators. We are a community of firearms enthusiasts/

    Second, I believe (me) that she was exploited by the media. And that posing with the shotgun could enrage the perp's family. For what purpose? What does she gain from it?

  2. You're rationalizing. I did not know that about TTAG but my disgust remains. For all we know, she might have gotten something out of the interview.

  3. Farago is an unethical, content stealing sensationalist who is only interested in RKBA and guns in general for its untapped SEO opportunities. He specializes in saying stupid shit in order to get people to link to him so he can sell ads.

    I couldn't possibly have any more contempt for him and his business plan.

  4. Not seeing a donation link for Sarah on his site, that's for damned sure.

  5. Controversy is their currency. Controversy turns into links, and links turn into better search results.

    Talk about them, but never link to them.


  6. Donation sent to Sarah and child....

  7. Another difference is that this blog has not edited comments like they do at TTAG...

  8. I don't like to edit comments on forums I moderate nor on my blog. I don't make any money off of this blog and consider it an outlet for certain things I can't say elsewhere and topics that others may find of interest that don't necessarily work on the forums I frequent.

  9. "First, remember that TTAG..."

    Is a blog run by a link whoring content stealer with little if any shame trying to make a buck on our pro-rights cause. He is willing to host other bloggers who think that they can't make it as bloggers elsewhere. Or they want free stuff.

    Everything else follows from that premise.

  10. I'm not a fan of TTAG. But I'll admit that I winced a bit when I saw that she allowed herself to be photographed with the shotgun pointing near the camera. I'm sure that the producer pushed her into it. I'm sure that she was very, VERY tired.

    If that's the worst that she did, it's all good.

    The writer at TTAG has long been noted as being a link whore. I regret to point out that this post here has accomplished his goal neatly. :(

  11. Farrago and TTAG living down to my expectations.

  12. Hey, isn't TTAG still on GunUp?

  13. Well said, dude. Being in an all fired hurry to find fault with a picture of a mother who would sooner kill bad guys than let them kill her or hurt her child is only "deeply disturbing" if one lacks basic common sense.


  14. It is unfortunate, though predictable, to see that The Truth About Guns continues to live down to everyone's paltry expectations of them - that they are controversy-riding, content-stealing hack jobs who only concern troll because it drives up their traffic.

  15. I've had a private exchange with Robert Farago about a wildly racist, hate mongering 1911 review of his (He actually shoehorned hatred for a group of people into a 1911 review). He is not just a douche, he actually does NOT know, why otherwise calm & impartial, people think those things about him, even after they tell him clearly and without colorful speculation as to the injury to his brain or which ass he keeps it. TTAG is what Farago makes it.