Monday, January 9, 2012

A problem with Tango Down ARC AR15 magazines solved

  Had problems with these feeding rounds.  Upon examination, I saw the below problem after loading over 10 rounds.  Heck, that one's kinda hard to miss!  The problem was not as bad with brass 5.56x45mm ammo but it was there.  As always with me, Wolf ammunition is the proverbial canary in the coal mine; warning me of problems before more expensive ammo would.  I'm not saying if it doesn't run Wolf, it's crap! but it has worked as a fine barometer for me.

  Friend Rob of Tactical Yellow Visor had already ran into this problem.  Unlike him, I am poor in industry contacts and as we all know...."poor people have poor ways" so out came the file to fix what I have.

  I hope to acquire some MK2 Tango Down ARC mags in the near future.

  Problem self evident:

After a little work with a file, the magazine runs 100%

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