Tuesday, January 17, 2012


  I've never respected a gun review site that has literally never written a negative review but while perusing their SHOT Show 2012 coverage, I came across this:

"SlideFire Solutions has expanded their line of excellent buttstocks for the AK-47 and AK-74 rifles."

 HUH?  Excellent how?  It doesn't teach anyone anything except for how to turn money into noise while bump firing into the dirt and trash pile.

  GunBlast, we'll positively review anything you send us.  


  1. Yeah, when I first started visiting his site, I thought it was interesting, since it had a lot of revolver and traditional rifles and the like, but crap like this is the kind of stuff that belongs in the back corner of the gun shows.

  2. Before I discoverd the vast variety it gun blogs, I read every review on GunBlast. Now that I'm liberated, It's comical it see how much sunshine emits from that site. I still like their stats, copious photos, and comprehensive 30-second videos. But e every gun can't be a handy little firearm. (Sorry re: the Android spelling corrections from my handy little tablet, that makes for a nice tool when I want it waste truckloads it time.)