Sunday, January 1, 2012

F2S carbine class Northern Virginia Feb 25th-26th

Remember this guy?

He's instructing a carbine class within easy driving distance of Northern Virginia, West Virginia, Washington DC, and Maryland.

F2S Consulting Practical Carbine Class Feb 25-26 High View, WV
F2S Consulting Carbine Class Announcement
February 25th and 26th

F2S Consulting will be holding a Practical Carbine Class at Echo Valley Training Center about 20 minutes from Winchester VA, in High View, WV on Feb 25-26, 2012.

Practical Carbine takes the shooter outside of the normal CQB range and expands the skillset of the shooter through consistent rapid application of fundamental marksmanship.

The Class will cover:
Combative setup of weapons and Support Gear
Manipulations/Corrective Action (Stoppage Reduction)
Initial Skill Assessment
Post-Shot Sequence
Fundamental Positions
Mid-Range Precision Shooting
Effects of weather
Use of Slings
Position Refinement
Combative Positions
Multiple shot engagements
Multiple Targets
Bilateral Shooting
Transition to Sidearm (as applicable)
One-Handed Employment
One-Handed Corrective Action
Alternate Positions
Alteration of trajectory
Shooting on the Move
Rapid Movement
Use of Cover
Use of Support
Low-Light engagements

Class fee is $350 and includes range fees.

Rifle Class Gear list:

-Serviceable rifle or carbine. May be any caliber from 5.45x39 to 7.62x63.

-Sling. Must permit the long-gun to safely hang without requiring physical contact from the user.

-(5) Serviceable Magazines. If using (20) round mags, bring (8).

-(1,500) rounds of factory loaded rifle ammunition.

-Magazine pouches that permit rapid access for timely reloads
-Eye Protection/Shooting Glasses

-Hearing Protection (Electronic Ear Pro is preferred but not mandatory)

-Brimmed Hat

-Weapons cleaning kit

-Firearm Lubrication

Recommended Items:

-Belt pouches/pockets (or whatever combination of those) that permit the user to bring (4) magazines to the firing line (not counting the magazine in the weapon). Magazines can be placed in pockets as well.

-Shooting Mat

-Hydration source (does not need to go with the user to the firing line)


-Rain/cold weather over-garments


-Lip Balm

-Insect Repellant

-Notebook and pen

-1stAid Kit for individual use for minor injuries.

-Gloves that permit safe operation of both weapon platforms

-Knee pads. Elbow pads are not frequently needed, but are acceptable

-Comfortable, robust clothing appropriate to seasonal conditions.

-Durable shoes/boots

-Extra socks (wool recommended)

-Electronic hearing protection

-Wrap around eye protection, with clear and tinted lenses

-Spare weapon parts or back-up weapons of the same platform

-Secondary weapon (side-arm) if the shooter's application of the long-gun is in conjunction with one. No ammunition is necessary for course completion, though firing will be permitted during specific portions of the class for those so armed

For additional information or to sign up, contact Jack at


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