Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Viral marketing done right

  Kudos to Palmetto State Armory.  Nope, I don't get anything out of this post, it just made me smile.


Friday, October 12, 2012

Words fail me once again

  A plan to encase HK's factory in a sarcophagus?  You cannot make this sort of thing up.......  Watch the video with or without sound; the insanity comes through either way.

  This comment wins on so many levels.....

  She's just mad cause H&K won't release a civilian MP7.

These are the exclusive blueprints for a new century of humanity. Germany's deadliest factory must still be covered up and locked. The weapons company "Heckler & Koch" has destroyed in the past 25 years away from any headlines 375x as many people as the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. We want the same sarcophagus that holds back the radiation at Chernobyl, build the weapons factory in Oberndorf, that you may not deadly "products" more escape. They are the weapons of mass destruction of our time: the "G3" and "G36".