Saturday, August 9, 2014

Scott Edvin is a Massachusetts firearms trainer

  Have any idea how I know this?  Because Scott likes to spam or more aptly, astroturf gun related blogs and websites like.....this one.

  On my 5.45x39mm AR15 article, Scott took it upon himself to share this nugget of knowledge:

Whether it is a handgun, rifle, or even artillery, they have to go through periodic maintenance. In my class, I teach my student not just to use handguns but also how to keep them and maintain them properly. Regards, Scott Edvin MA Gun License

  Far fucking out.  You teach how to use and maintain handguns?!  That's amazing and completely pertinent to my article on how I put over twenty thousand rounds through a 5.45x39mm AR15!  I mean, all I did was train with and spend thousands of dollars becoming proficient with that weapon and documenting the whole process.....for free to whoever wants to read the damned article.  You're quite welcome for the free advertising, Scott.  

  My "gun gamers" post merited this bit of arcane wisdom, no doubt learning from copious hours of training, Scott?  Feel free to post your experiences; I mean I've only trained with the US Marine Corps, Pat Rogers, Larry Vickers, Kyle Defoor, Todd Green, and Jack Leuba.  

Good training class is required for all person who wants to learn perfect shooting or to improve their firearm shooting skills. Expert trainer helps them to cover and learn all techniques of shooting, which help them to become a good shooter.

  MIND.  BLOWN.  You mean you should get training?  WHO FROM, Scott?  Pray tell.  Do you know of some "expert trainer"  Maybe that guy could comment on blogs everywhere and offer some sort of completely unrelated drive by advertisement, along with a link to his website.  Don't mind everyone doing the work of building an audience and maintaining a blog/site, that's what other people do for YOU.

  So if you're looking for a lazy firearms trainer who lacks the wherewithal and work ethic to build up his business online, look no further than Scott Edvin.  Scott, nice bio you got there.  Oh wait, you haven't posted one.  In the off chance you actually competed with a firearm, I googled "Scott Edvin" and UPSA.  No match results but at least you're spamming someone else's blog.  Good work, Scott!