Sunday, August 4, 2013

Family land and where's my free Leatherman?!

  Leatherman company visits my uncle's cattle ranch in Wyoming.  We've had that land in the family for over one hundred years.   They don't mention it but my uncle is also a World Champion Steer Wrestler or "bull dogger."  Either "steer wrestling" or bull dogging" can be used but the origin of the term "bull dogging" is very interesting.  America has a long history of African American cowboys with folks like Fred Whitfield continuing the long, proud tradition as a professional rodeo cowboy.

  Looks like Cousin Les is using a Leatherman Wave.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Gun forum and industry drama for the day

  If you're feeling the itch for some good ol' fashioned gun industry drama, head on over to SnipersHide and read this thread.  Basically, a guy bought a rifle and put it away in his safe after having to replace a part on it when he received it and it didn't shoot well for him.  It sat in his safe for a while and then he got the long range itch again.  Didn't shoot well for him so he took it over to Marc Soulie of Spartan Rifles and Marc performed the fascinating video diagnosis you see below.  Marc fixed the rifle and made it a 1/2 MOA shooter but.....naturally, sent him a threatening legal letter and I believe one to the owner as well.

  The owner of SnipersHide (LowLight/Frank) saw the thread and promptly posted his response to a previous legal threat and......his own experience with a of a student's.

  You stay classy, stay classy.  Legal threats beat QC, anytime.