Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Dalton Defense Fund update

Remember this post? six hours, we raised five hundred dollars, Way of the Multigun donated a freaking S&W M&P 9mm pistol (with many extras), a KKM match barrel was bought and donated, Dark Star Gear donated a custom holster, and Volund Gearworks donated a custom belt.

  Later on, some of my favorite electronic earmuffswere bought and shipped, a pair of Oakley M Frame Sunglasseswere bought and shipped, ToddG donated a case of ball training ammo, John Murphy donated a handgun training class, a good friend of mine sent defensive ammo and a Streamlight TLR-1 C4 WML, VDMSR kicked over some mags and defensive ammo, and countless random donations like cleaning gear, a range bag, etc all started showing up to the shipping address.

  This post is an update.  We are still assembling everything and making sure the pistol shoots well with its new sights.

  Folks, this is how the firearms community rolls.  Let me tell you a story about a guy I know (me). shot.  I was broke.  I realized that in order to subsist on my 60% long term disability (I was too busy having fun with a DVT and MRSA plus multiple operations) that I needed to sell some guns to make ends meet.  I placed my Nighthawk Predator for sale on  A few hours later, a guy I'd chatted with gun boards (never met in person), a Mr. Shawn Nealon of the (now defunct) CavArms sent me a note saying in essence:

Dude, don't sell your guns.  I'll donate a rifle to you so that you can raffle it off.

  Needless to say, I was bowled over by this offer.  Pride kept me from taking him up on his offer but his kindness and generosity still reverberate with me today.  I hope that someday karma comes back around for Shawn.

  Anyway, here's some teaser pics:

ToddG's ammo donation:

Amazing work on the Dark Star Gear holster and Volund Gearworks belt!  The pink and gray color scheme is important to the recipient of this generosity as the widow of someone who passed away due to brain cancer

Random donated stuff showing up in the mail!

Folks react differently in times of stress

  I know, I wasn't there so I couldn't possibly judge and if I do opine on the situation, I HATE COPS.

  Anyway, at about 1:26, watch as two guys trip over themselves retreating, and one guy with massive cojones continues firing, does not retreat, and saves the hostage.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

One gunshop commando

One Gunshop Commando to rule them all, One Gunshop Commando to find them,  One Gunshop Commando to bring them all and in the darkness bind them 

In the Land of Fauquier County where the gun shop invaders lie.

I should not make fun of a good local gunshop but.....sometimes folks do this to themselves.

In the gun shop in Vint Hill Virginia, the One Gunshop Commando works.

Here is his apparent EDC gear as witnessed multiple times by myself and friends:

  •  AIWB (Appendix, Inside Waist Band) Bowie knife of some sort.  Carried without a cover garment.
  • Cuffs.
  • Baton
  • Glock (in a SERPA, of course).  OWB (Outside Waist Band) no cover garment.
  • Two extra Glock mags
  • Badge, displayed openly.  For a local security company (he calls it a "contractor" but they don't contract overseas.  Not actual law enforcement.
  • Extra pocket knife clipped inside pocket
  • And.....the piece de resistance:  a wind meter worn hanging around his neck.  You know; for those long distance shots with his Glock when he has to dial some windage.  Duh.
In a manifestation of my Marine-ness, I asked him "why do you wear all of that shit?"  He blustered back with "ever seen a gun store invasion?"  Yeah.....  Words kind of failed me at that point.

I considered taking a picture and actually naming the store outright but I'm not that mean.  Hopefully the guy will get over wearing his entire ensemble and just do his job sans 20 pounds of crap he doesn't need.  If you want to see the spectacle, it's not hard to figure out where this place is.  Try not to point and laugh openly.  

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

In vehicle DVR: Cheap insurance!

  Two short weeks ago, a friend in law enforcement recommended buying a in-vehicle DVR (digital video recorder).  I looked at the price of the Generic K6000 Vehicle DVR  that he recommended from personal experience and impulse bought it along with a SanDisk Ultra 32 GB MicroSDHC card that totaled to be under $70 out the door, delivered with Amazon Prime.  I liked the price, the night vision recording, the auto on/auto off feature when plugged into the vehicle, and the G-shock sensor that automatically saves the recording in case of an accident.  The device also records audio with a built in microphone.

  Set up was minimal and easy.  Basically, mount the device, insert the Micro SD card, power on, set the time and date, and GO!  Playback using the SD card adaptor worked flawlessly on a Windows 7 desktop and Macbook Pro.  I can very easily turn it towards any angle I want to record.

  Today, I was driving to work and a Cadillac veered across three lanes of traffic to make an illegal U-turn.  I braked in time but can't help being thankful for clear cut, incontrovertible evidence of the other driver's wrongdoing and recklessness.

  Said law enforcement buddy evaluated this incident after viewing:

Completely and utterly his fault, you are not even required by law to attempt to brake as his turn was EXTREMELY sudden, the only reason you did not hit him, in my opinion, was because you had a good distance on him (of about a car length).  If you were going slightly faster and closed the distance on him, you probably wouldn't been able to get around him and more than likely destroyed him.   If you did impact him, and the video or physical evidence showed absolutely zero braking or swerving and only showed the Cadillac's illegal turns/reckless driving there would almost be no investigation

  Folks, these things are cheap insurance and a no brainer.  Get one for every vehicle you one.  You may need it someday and it's like a gun; when you need it, you really need it.

  Video below.  Watch for the Cadillac coming in from the right.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

The bestest bore brush in the whole wide world

The Dalton Defense Fund

  Going to be blunt on this one.  My friend paul's sister was widowed last month.  Her husband was twenty eight and died of brain cancer.  They have a four year old son named Dalton.  Paul's sister has one crappy shotgun that doesn't fit her, hurts her to shoot, and she has a hard time keeping it accessible during the night with Dalton constantly crawling into bed with Mommy.  She doesn't have much money after paying for the funeral although she does work full time.

  Yesterday she got hands on training from a friend of mine in law enforcement and was a natural with his Smith &  Wesson M&P standard 9mm.  As in far more accurate than her brother.  An M&P with a small safe and hopefully a light (just a Streamlight would work) would be ideal for her.  She can stow it safely yet access it easily.

  Let's crowd fund her a standard M&P 9mm and see if we can get her a safe and light.  Spare mags, a small bedframe mountable push button or thumb print gun safe, decent night sights, 9mm ammo of any type, a a pink backstrap for the pistol, and a decent WML (weapons mounted light) are also acceptable.

 You may send your donation to my friend's wife's (Dalton's aunt) PayPal account at

  Email with non monetary donations and I'll get you a snail mail address.

  Below is a pic of the family.

Friday, July 12, 2013

And just when you thought's staff couldn't get any more petty or vindictive, they double down

"TCinVA/JohnWayne_777" just took a hit for being on the wrong side.  That's his account profile below.

  Stay classy M4carbine, stay classy.

  You see, today's gun owner looking for an online gun forum doesn't value integrity nor maturity when it comes to site staff......  Abusing your forum moderation powers over an argument outside of the forum will absolutely engender trust in yourself and your staff, thereby building upon your forum's reputation as a whole.

  Of course, the guy in question moderates at a gun forum where's daily traffic is but an hourly blip.  Hmmm.....wonder if that will backfire for M4carbine......  What could possibly go wrong?

  Only a matter of time before they fuck with my account.  Stay tuned.

  Also........You can't stop the signal.

Hackathorne, DocGKR, M4carbine, AAR

Thursday, July 11, 2013

When I ragequit

  I think I laid it all out pretty well in my post which was of course, disappeared.  They're very good at that over there along with other lapses in integrity.  I learned a lot at M4 and watched it devolve into cesspool it is.  Not saying to avoid it but there are other, better places on the internets where the staff has more integrity.  I fully expect to be banned for this blog post.

  What kicked it all off.

  More spiteful shit on the part of's staff

Hackathorne, DocGKR, M4carbine, AAR