Tuesday, December 31, 2013

CavArms and I

I'll preface with that Marine thing that I've often been accused of overdoing.  I'm loyal to friends and I never forget when someone has done me a good turn.  Too loyal?  Not sure but hey, go back to the Marine thing.  It's how we're wired.

I've read a bit of vitriol directed at the former owner of CavArms and his prosecution by the BATFE.  These documents are readily available online and I've read through them.  I don't think he didn't make some errors that were not easily avoidable.  I do get that.  However, I'm still of the camp that the man should not have been stripped of all 2nd Amendment rights because of business paperwork.  Happily, he kept on keeping on and now has another business.  He also refers to himself as a "US resident" and that makes perfect sense to me.  Forever unable to pick up a gun to defend himself or his family.  Literally, forever.  Do you feel safer?

  Anyway, in 2007 I took a .230 grain .45ACP to the elbow in a negligent discharge.  My life was forever changed.  My finances took a deep, deep dive.  I was in a cast and sling off and on for nearly three years.  At a financial low point, I put my custom Nighthawk 1911 up for sale because I needed the money badly after losing 40% of my salary and having to pay for my own insurance.

Shawn Nealon,  a man I've never met in person; saw my ad trying to sell my Nighthawk.  To my great surprise, he responded publicly and said something along the lines of :

Dude, don't sell your guns!  I'll donate a rifle to you so that you can raffle it off and keep the proceeds for your expenses from the shooting.

I didn't take the rifle though I probably should have because I'm still suffering financially from this incident.  If this shooting had happened today, I'd probably start a fund to pay my bills.  But that's not my point.  My point is that Shawn Nealon is an estimable human being who probably would have offered the same thing to one of his now detractors if they were in a similar situation.  I really don't have the words of thanks that I should but I have no problem throwing this incident in the faces of those that talk shit about Shawn.  Is my argument completely logical?  Nope.  Were the detractors there offering me help?  Nope.  Do you think a guy like this deserves to be punished the rest of his life?

Even after I refused the offer of a rifle, Shawn insisted on giving me a CavArms AR15 lower receiver.  It was shipped following all applicable laws to my FFL.  He sent me a complete lower to "aid in my recovery" and let me tell you, that lower is danged indestructible.

Dean R Koontz in Twilight Eyes put it better than I.

Humanity ain't always what's pretty. Some of the worst killers are
pretty. Humanity ain't always what sounds nice and falls smooth on the
ear, 'cause any pitchman can charm a snake, but some pitchmen ain't too
humane. A person shows humanity when he's there you need him, when be
takes you in, when he has a genuine kind word, when he makes you feel
not alone, when he makes your fight his fight. That's what humanity
is, if you want to know. And-if we had a little more of it in this
world, maybe we could get ourselves out of the handbasket we're in ...
or at least stop carrying that handbasket straight to Hell, the way we
have been for so long.
-an anonymous carnival pitchman

Anyway, if you agree with anything I've said, please consider Shawn's new business for your medical needs.  He'll ship quickly and he's honest.  He'd also have your back in a pinch and I know that from experience.  He's camping this week so don't throw an online tantrum if you don't hear from him right away.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

A slide lock reload and befriending a pro 2nd Amendment commercial artist

  I was first taught how to preposition your strong side thumb on the slide release by Todd Green during his Aim Fast Hit Fast class that I took (highly recommended!).  Basically, just pre stage your thumb on the slide release while grabbing that extra mag because you're reloading from a weapon with its slide locked back.  As you insert the mag, the force of the mag going home works to force the slide release up against that thumb that is resting on it (with light pressure) and BAM! the slide goes home on the loaded mag, weapon is in Condition One, and you're getting back on target.

  I met new friend Pop Mahn through a mutual friend as few months ago.  Pop Mahn was ready to do something unheard of as an artist that portrays guns and people using them and......see how the guns are used properly that he will be portraying in his art.  Lacking someone competent, poor Pop ended up with me and took the below pictures of me demonstrating a slide lock reload in order to have as a reference.

  By the way, buy some of Pop's stuff already!

  Any perceived errors are my fault and no fault of anyone that trained me.  I do know about me hunching my shoulders and my fairly comical facial expressions :)  Keep in mind that I was speaking about what I was doing as I did it.

Shooting to slide lock and reaching for spare mag (carried in the brilliant Kytex mag carrier) that is concealed and carried at about 8:30

Orienting weapon so that I can both keep my eyes on the target and see the magwell.  Preparing to drop the mag.

Mag is falling, my hand with the reload is coming up to meet the weapon.

Still bringing that mag up.  Note that I am NOT bringing my eyes to the weapon but rather bring the weapon up into my field of view.  The weapon is angled to aid the magazine dropping out and for ease of reloads.

Almost there......  Strong hand thumb is on top of that slide release.

Magazine is loaded, slide had gone forward, weapon is "loaded" (dry gun for demonstration purposes), weak hand is reacquiring the grip, weapon is being driven forward.

Done and back on target with a reloaded weapon!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

And they say open carry people are attention seekers......

  Sometimes I browse the local section of opencarry.org.  Mainly when I'm feeling upbeat about the future and need brought back down to depressing reality or if I just need to see if there's a gathering of shitty SERPA holsters and Springfield XDs going on so that I can avoid it.  The below post really jumped out at me.  Not only does the guy basically admit he can't shoot but.....he open carried on his Segway to the grocery and then rode the Segway through the grocery store while open carrying.

  And they say open carrying by itself is attention seeking.... (I don't think ALL open carriers are attention seekers but there's definitely a problem in the "movement").

  Not only that, he managed to find a reason to carry his "open carry M14" (we can safely assume he thinks his M1A is an M14) into his optometrist's office because he "needed" new glasses for competition or something like that (you don't see a lot or...any open carry guys at competitions from my personal experience).  I'm sure he's just as proficient with his "M14" as he is with his Sig .45.

  Anyway, it's below and unedited.  Try not to hurt yourself with the face palm..........  Thanks, guy.  Thanks for making gun owners look like attention seeking loons with your "education" of the people.  This will REALLY help our gun rights.  I mean, it beats being proficient, training, going to matches.  and not acting like an attention seeking teenage girl, right?

I have taken in the last six months to carrying a SIG .45. I have a long way to go to be good with it, but I'm within safety parameters.
This evening, I rode my Segway from the house, through the neighborhood, to the Greenbriar shopping center, and rode the Segway into the Giant store to pick up some groceries.
Clearly I was out of the ordinary with the Segway . . . operated as politely as it possibly could, always deferring to anyone going in my direction.
By the way, there is a most gun-friendly optometrist next to Giant -- Nicholas Marotta and his wife at Greenbriar Optical. I once took my OC M-14 in there, because I needed a special lens to allow me to focus on the front sight. In the exam room, I held the rifle off-hand, sighting, while he held the letter card at the muzzle, and patiently did the "Is C better, or now D . . . C . . . or D?" bracketing of the correction. Now THAT is service.

Friday, December 27, 2013

A discussion on the film Heat for 2014

Everybody's seen Heat, right?  RIGHT?!!!

So, how would you personalize the weapons to the characters for 2014?  Such as Tim Sizemore's character Michael Cheritto in HEAT who packed a FAL in the first scene.  I'm thinking that his 2014 choice would be a SCAR-17.......

Vincent Hanna's FNC could be traded for a KAC PDW.

Anyway, looking forward to the discussion.  Here or on forums.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Texas State Troopers switching to S&W M&P 9mm

  Source.  They're switching over from a .357 SIG Sig-Sauer.  I cannot tell you if this was influenced by our discussion at Pistol-Forum regarding law enforcement agencies switching back to 9mm for ammunition costs and longer pistol service life :)

  One can only wonder what data might emerge regarding whether or not the 9mm M&P's well documented accuracy problems past 15 yards has been fixed by S&W.

Terminal Lance hits the big screen

  So, there's this online humor and cartoon web site about the Marine Corps called Terminal Lance.  The author was a "Terminal Lance" or Lance Corporal (E3) that never picked up Corporal (E4).

  Anyway, especially for we grunts; Terminal Lance is funny but sometimes hits pretty close to home on all of the utter bullshit Marines put up with.  Dependapotamuses, haircuts (Marines have to have the sides of their heads shaved every week), and just silly, asinine games played by the leadership are what author of the cartoon hits upon.

  Anyway, young Marines new to the Corps sometimes get a little silly with the Marine Corps oriented tattoos and Terminal Lance decided to have a little fun with that.

  And....fast forward to the new Schwarzenegger flick called Sabotage.  In it, there's a dude sporting the tatt.  You can't make shit like this up.

  Anyway, if you dug this story and Terminal Lance's work, buy his book, and help put a combat vet through college!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

A combat vet Ranger buddy looked at a firearms training class

From Suarez International....

I went to the class description of the class he wanted to go to.  The man Gabe himself was the instructor, and there was, I kid you not, a picture of a dude running pointing a Steyr AUG one handed.  No shit.   I would actually pay to do that, but I would want explosions behind me and doves flying everywhere. And it would have to be in slow motion.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Sighted by me today in Virginia

Long slide Glock 41 .45ACP

  Just about here.....  Finally, a "Practical/Tactical Glock .45 ACP ala the Glock 34 and 35.  The Model 42 will be in .380, quite possible single stack.  A longslide 10mm would probably sell but no rumors on that.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

A few comments on recent popular, new gun lubes

    This is your default reminder that lube really doesn't matter so long as your weapon IS lubed.  Weapons can run dirty and they can run wet with lube but they don't run well dirty and dry.  Nearly any lube will work and ANY lube is better than none.  If out of lube, drizzle some oil off of the dipstick of your vehicle.  Yes, motor oil works FINE.  Also, spring maintenance is more important than choice of lube.  Change out your springs regularly according to the manufacturer's recommendations.  Being that my primary training carbine is a 5.45x39mm AR15 that only sees corrosive ammo, lube choice DOES matter on that platform as the bolt is pitted from my openly admitted neglect in not cleaning it right after shooting corrosive ammo.

  I used Froglube at the Failure2Stop 2 carbine class.  It was cold.  Neither my 5.45x39mm AR15 nor the 5.56mm Sabre/Bravo Company AR I had to switch to (didn't bring enough 5.45 ammo) had a problem shooting in sub freezing temps and the snow.  The Froglube doesn't work that well with the corrosive salts in the Soviet surplus 5.45 ammo I was using though.  A lighter lube works better for this in my opinion.

  Good friend Kevin Boland gave me a bottle of FireClean.  I tried it on my Glocks and 5.45 AR15. Works GREAT.  No smell, doesn't run too much.  Highly recommended.  I like it much better than Froglube.  Buy in confidence.

  Finally, I heard about Rand CLP from ToddG and bought some on a lark from Amazon.  I decided to try it on a Victorinox Swiss Tool that I've had since I was a young infantryman in the Marine Corps in the late 90's.  This tool is great in that it is high quality and never corrodes.  One of the most rust proof pieces of gear that I've ever seen.  Needs longer and thinner pliers though.  That and it's alway been nearly impossible to open the tools on it.  Even after soaking in BreakFree CLP.  I'm not a weak guy but I often had to grab another tool just to use this darned thing.  However, I hit it lightly with Rand CLP and now, it's a different tool than the one I bought over 15 years ago.  I can open every tool easily and with one finger.  I had read of Kyle Lamb saying that he saw this stuff creep upward on a carbine he lubed with it and I gotta say, I believe that now.  I look forward to trying this stuff on my lube test bed, my 5.45 AR15 with corrosive ammo.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Coupla of Surefire light deals

First off, the Surefire x300 500 lumens weapons light.  Roughly half off.  The gold standard in WMLs (Weapons Mounted Lights).   Heck, I'm happy with my 200 lumen X300 :)

Secondly, the 500 lumens M600 in tan.  A more study light than the X300 if you shoot more than a couple of carbine classes a year.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Chris Cheng of Top Shot comes out of the closet

As related on his blog.  GOOD.  FINE.  Now can conservatives and conservative gun owners shut the hell up about social issues?  It really doesn't take a huge mental leap to realize that the right to keep and bear arms is a human right just as is Chris's right to be a gay American.

I am glad we have another ambassador for the Second Amendment that isn't fat, old, and white.  Whether people admit or not, we need people of every type to represent us.

However........Chris, this article was really, really BAD.  Come on, man :)

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Remember the rumor on Colt buying LWRC?

  Rumor has it that Colt is doing it for the manufacturing space......

  That might explain why Colt has abandoned plans for a factory in Florida.

Friday, December 6, 2013

My theory on shooting videos posted online

  The less free a local/state/country is, the worse the shooting and tactics.

  Observe these from California:


Interesting commentary on this event from a South African here.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Colt is buying LWRCI

That's the rumor, folks.   We will know for sure in about a month.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

The nicest rifle you will see today - APA .300 Win Mag

  A friend (former Marine Scout Sniper and firearms industry professional) ordered this beauty 18 months ago.  It took 18 months to produce because the rifle builder had to find his "happy place" each time he laid hands upon that gorgeous stock.  Perfection occurred.  The rifle is setup for 210 gr VLD bullets.  The "bad" group on the builder's final sheet issued with the rifle is .185 for three shots at 100 yards.  The "good" group is below.  The rifle's owner has safes full of rifles.  This is his favorite.  He reports that the wooden stock feels and handles wonderfully.

Preliminary range report:

#1 First shot on paper. Shot at center diamond.
#2 Adjusted windage/elevation and shot 3 shot group w/ HSM VLD
#3 Three shot group of Corbon
#4 Three shot group of Hornady
#5 adj win/elev from first group w/ HSM and shot final three shot group.

Will clean it up and wait for the custom loaded ammunition to arrive.

Monday, October 21, 2013

How real men shoot skeet

  His reaction at the end......I get it.  I so get it.  SFW.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Congrats to Illinois residents!

  You can now get a concealed carry permit and carry a concealed handgun.......

Unless you're in a bar.

Or a gov't building.

Or a school / preschool / child care facility.

Or a hospital / mental health facility  / nursing home.

Or on public transportation.

Or at any public gathering and other special events open to the public.

Or any building that has received a Special Event Retailer’s license.

Or a public playground.

Or a public park or athletic facility.

Or the Cook County Forest Preserve District.

Or a gaming facility.

Or a stadium.

Or a library.

Or an airport.

Or an amusement park / zoo / museum.

Or a business with a No Guns sign.

Or someone else’s private residence, unless you have the owner’s permission.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

New Gen4 Glock 17 review

Olive or "Ludus" (Costa joke) drab Gen 4 17.  0-4-2 RSA (recoil spring adaptor).  Self installed Trijicon HD sights with orange outline front.  New 30274 ejector.   Note:  the new 30274 ejector for Gen4 9mm Glocks works great in Gen 2 and Gen 3 9mm Glocks.  Simply yank it out from the Gen 4 housing using pliers with the jaws padded with cloth and firmly insert into your Gen 3 housing.  

  POI  (Point of Impact)at 7 yards is using the tip of the front sight to bisect the target.  POI at 25 yards uses a "drive the dot" hold.  Weapon is very accurate, noticeably more so than my Gen2 Glock 19 and Gen3 19.  Once I got to know the POA/POI and trigger of the pistol (polished stock), I put up roughly quarter sized Shoot & See dots at 7 yards, dinged 6 in a row and then moved back to 25 yards to put 5 rounds into a 3x5 card unsupported.  Then I called it good on the accuracy of the pistol.   

  So far, I've ran roughly 400 rounds of Wolf steel cased and Winchester Ranger 124gr brass range ammo through the pistol with no malfunctions.  Wolf ran great!  Oddly, enough the Winchester stuff gave me classic Glock Gen4 BTF (brass to face)) vertical ejection.   I've ran into this twice before with Gen4s and was one of the first to trumpet my problems with them on the internet so I knew what to do after checking to make sure that the extractor slipped in and out of the slide smoothly.  I ordered the White Sound HRED upgraded depressor spring assembly and the APEX extractor immediately as I don't want to be told "just don't run range ammo through it" as a "fix" from Glock corporate.  The White Sound HRED arrived in time for the match; no problems were noticed during the match which I had to leave early from halfway through.  The extractor should be here tomorrow.  It's bothersome about a new Gen4 with the latest parts and still exhibiting problems that first occurred in 2010…...  Quite frankly, Glock has not handled this well and still hasn't fixed the problem.

  I have Dark Star Gear AIWB (Appendix Inside Waist Band) and OWB (Outside Waist Band) holsters for it.  Both work quite well.  Once I get some more rounds through it and trust it, I'l start carrying it AIWB.  I used to think most OWB holsters were the same but I noticed during the Sunday USPSA match (don't ask how I did :) that the DSG OWB holster is the best OWB holster I've ever seen for gripping tightly to your hip.  

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Family land and where's my free Leatherman?!

  Leatherman company visits my uncle's cattle ranch in Wyoming.  We've had that land in the family for over one hundred years.   They don't mention it but my uncle is also a World Champion Steer Wrestler or "bull dogger."  Either "steer wrestling" or bull dogging" can be used but the origin of the term "bull dogging" is very interesting.  America has a long history of African American cowboys with folks like Fred Whitfield continuing the long, proud tradition as a professional rodeo cowboy.

  Looks like Cousin Les is using a Leatherman Wave.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Gun forum and industry drama for the day

  If you're feeling the itch for some good ol' fashioned gun industry drama, head on over to SnipersHide and read this thread.  Basically, a guy bought a tacticalrifles.net rifle and put it away in his safe after having to replace a part on it when he received it and it didn't shoot well for him.  It sat in his safe for a while and then he got the long range itch again.  Didn't shoot well for him so he took it over to Marc Soulie of Spartan Rifles and Marc performed the fascinating video diagnosis you see below.  Marc fixed the rifle and made it a 1/2 MOA shooter but.....naturally, tacticalrifles.net sent him a threatening legal letter and I believe one to the owner as well.

  The owner of SnipersHide (LowLight/Frank) saw the thread and promptly posted his response to a previous tacticalrifles.net legal threat and......his own experience with a tacticalrifles.net of a student's.

  You stay classy tacticalrifles.net, stay classy.  Legal threats beat QC, anytime.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Dalton Defense Fund update

Remember this post?

  Well.....in six hours, we raised five hundred dollars, Way of the Multigun donated a freaking S&W M&P 9mm pistol (with many extras), a KKM match barrel was bought and donated, Dark Star Gear donated a custom holster, and Volund Gearworks donated a custom belt.

  Later on, some of my favorite electronic earmuffswere bought and shipped, a pair of Oakley M Frame Sunglasseswere bought and shipped, ToddG donated a case of ball training ammo, John Murphy donated a handgun training class, a good friend of mine sent defensive ammo and a Streamlight TLR-1 C4 WML, VDMSR kicked over some mags and defensive ammo, and countless random donations like cleaning gear, a range bag, etc all started showing up to the shipping address.

  This post is an update.  We are still assembling everything and making sure the pistol shoots well with its new sights.

  Folks, this is how the firearms community rolls.  Let me tell you a story about a guy I know (me).  I....got shot.  I was broke.  I realized that in order to subsist on my 60% long term disability (I was too busy having fun with a DVT and MRSA plus multiple operations) that I needed to sell some guns to make ends meet.  I placed my Nighthawk Predator for sale on AR15.com.  A few hours later, a guy I'd chatted with gun boards (never met in person), a Mr. Shawn Nealon of the (now defunct) CavArms sent me a note saying in essence:

Dude, don't sell your guns.  I'll donate a rifle to you so that you can raffle it off.

  Needless to say, I was bowled over by this offer.  Pride kept me from taking him up on his offer but his kindness and generosity still reverberate with me today.  I hope that someday karma comes back around for Shawn.

  Anyway, here's some teaser pics:

ToddG's ammo donation:

Amazing work on the Dark Star Gear holster and Volund Gearworks belt!  The pink and gray color scheme is important to the recipient of this generosity as the widow of someone who passed away due to brain cancer

Random donated stuff showing up in the mail!

Folks react differently in times of stress

  I know, I wasn't there so I couldn't possibly judge and if I do opine on the situation, I HATE COPS.

  Anyway, at about 1:26, watch as two guys trip over themselves retreating, and one guy with massive cojones continues firing, does not retreat, and saves the hostage.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

One gunshop commando

One Gunshop Commando to rule them all, One Gunshop Commando to find them,  One Gunshop Commando to bring them all and in the darkness bind them 

In the Land of Fauquier County where the gun shop invaders lie.

I should not make fun of a good local gunshop but.....sometimes folks do this to themselves.

In the gun shop in Vint Hill Virginia, the One Gunshop Commando works.

Here is his apparent EDC gear as witnessed multiple times by myself and friends:

  •  AIWB (Appendix, Inside Waist Band) Bowie knife of some sort.  Carried without a cover garment.
  • Cuffs.
  • Baton
  • Glock (in a SERPA, of course).  OWB (Outside Waist Band) no cover garment.
  • Two extra Glock mags
  • Badge, displayed openly.  For a local security company (he calls it a "contractor" but they don't contract overseas.  Not actual law enforcement.
  • Extra pocket knife clipped inside pocket
  • And.....the piece de resistance:  a wind meter worn hanging around his neck.  You know; for those long distance shots with his Glock when he has to dial some windage.  Duh.
In a manifestation of my Marine-ness, I asked him "why do you wear all of that shit?"  He blustered back with "ever seen a gun store invasion?"  Yeah.....  Words kind of failed me at that point.

I considered taking a picture and actually naming the store outright but I'm not that mean.  Hopefully the guy will get over wearing his entire ensemble and just do his job sans 20 pounds of crap he doesn't need.  If you want to see the spectacle, it's not hard to figure out where this place is.  Try not to point and laugh openly.  

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

In vehicle DVR: Cheap insurance!

  Two short weeks ago, a friend in law enforcement recommended buying a in-vehicle DVR (digital video recorder).  I looked at the price of the Generic K6000 Vehicle DVR  that he recommended from personal experience and impulse bought it along with a SanDisk Ultra 32 GB MicroSDHC card that totaled to be under $70 out the door, delivered with Amazon Prime.  I liked the price, the night vision recording, the auto on/auto off feature when plugged into the vehicle, and the G-shock sensor that automatically saves the recording in case of an accident.  The device also records audio with a built in microphone.

  Set up was minimal and easy.  Basically, mount the device, insert the Micro SD card, power on, set the time and date, and GO!  Playback using the SD card adaptor worked flawlessly on a Windows 7 desktop and Macbook Pro.  I can very easily turn it towards any angle I want to record.

  Today, I was driving to work and a Cadillac veered across three lanes of traffic to make an illegal U-turn.  I braked in time but can't help being thankful for clear cut, incontrovertible evidence of the other driver's wrongdoing and recklessness.

  Said law enforcement buddy evaluated this incident after viewing:

Completely and utterly his fault, you are not even required by law to attempt to brake as his turn was EXTREMELY sudden, the only reason you did not hit him, in my opinion, was because you had a good distance on him (of about a car length).  If you were going slightly faster and closed the distance on him, you probably wouldn't been able to get around him and more than likely destroyed him.   If you did impact him, and the video or physical evidence showed absolutely zero braking or swerving and only showed the Cadillac's illegal turns/reckless driving there would almost be no investigation

  Folks, these things are cheap insurance and a no brainer.  Get one for every vehicle you one.  You may need it someday and it's like a gun; when you need it, you really need it.

  Video below.  Watch for the Cadillac coming in from the right.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

The bestest bore brush in the whole wide world

The Dalton Defense Fund

  Going to be blunt on this one.  My friend paul's sister was widowed last month.  Her husband was twenty eight and died of brain cancer.  They have a four year old son named Dalton.  Paul's sister has one crappy shotgun that doesn't fit her, hurts her to shoot, and she has a hard time keeping it accessible during the night with Dalton constantly crawling into bed with Mommy.  She doesn't have much money after paying for the funeral although she does work full time.

  Yesterday she got hands on training from a friend of mine in law enforcement and was a natural with his Smith &  Wesson M&P standard 9mm.  As in far more accurate than her brother.  An M&P with a small safe and hopefully a light (just a Streamlight would work) would be ideal for her.  She can stow it safely yet access it easily.

  Let's crowd fund her a standard M&P 9mm and see if we can get her a safe and light.  Spare mags, a small bedframe mountable push button or thumb print gun safe, decent night sights, 9mm ammo of any type, a a pink backstrap for the pistol, and a decent WML (weapons mounted light) are also acceptable.

 You may send your donation to my friend's wife's (Dalton's aunt) PayPal account at danielREMOVETHISaeganATyahoo.com

  Email rationalgunREMOVETHIS@gmail.com with non monetary donations and I'll get you a snail mail address.

  Below is a pic of the family.

Friday, July 12, 2013

And just when you thought M4carbine.net's staff couldn't get any more petty or vindictive, they double down

"TCinVA/JohnWayne_777" just took a hit for being on the wrong side.  That's his account profile below.

  Stay classy M4carbine, stay classy.

  You see, today's gun owner looking for an online gun forum doesn't value integrity nor maturity when it comes to site staff......  Abusing your forum moderation powers over an argument outside of the forum will absolutely engender trust in yourself and your staff, thereby building upon your forum's reputation as a whole.

  Of course, the guy in question moderates at a gun forum where M4carbine.net's daily traffic is but an hourly blip.  Hmmm.....wonder if that will backfire for M4carbine......  What could possibly go wrong?

  Only a matter of time before they fuck with my account.  Stay tuned.

  Also........You can't stop the signal.

Hackathorne, DocGKR, M4carbine, AAR

Thursday, July 11, 2013

When I ragequit M4carbine.net

  I think I laid it all out pretty well in my post which was of course, disappeared.  They're very good at that over there along with other lapses in integrity.  I learned a lot at M4 and watched it devolve into cesspool it is.  Not saying to avoid it but there are other, better places on the internets where the staff has more integrity.  I fully expect to be banned for this blog post.

  What kicked it all off.

  More spiteful shit on the part of M4carbine.net's staff

Hackathorne, DocGKR, M4carbine, AAR

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Veteran follows Tactical Joe Biden's advice on warning shots, gets arrested

Military veteran Corey Thompson, 36, told KDRV-TV that the wanted felon was trying to beak into his home via the back door. Defending his property, Thompson said he warned the criminal that he was armed and he was giving him his one and only warning shot.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Ruger All American rifle review at Guns and Ammo magazine

  Please note that the name of this rifle is the Ruger All American.  Then ponder their background choice.  Not sure if the marketing team at HK is now working at G&A or not......

  Review here.

It's an understandable mistake: they just printed the photo upside-down. You can see how they might have been confused.

The real photo looked like this, with a proper flag, and the rifle photographed as it was being dropped to the ground.

Friday, May 17, 2013

When appendix carry could be so much more or is AIWB mainstream now?

  Please note that I come from an institution where a superior routinely referred one's hands as "foreskin retractors" so don't take the salty language too seriously.

  I'm not the most metrosexual of guys by a long shot but traditional wet shaving; either with a double edge safety razor or a traditional By God straight razor is something very much enjoy.  Can't go back to canned goo shaving cream and ridiculously expensive, mediocre, multiple blade razors.

  Anyway, I frequent a forum for traditional wet shaving.  Badger and Blade and it even has a firearm section.  Reading that sub forum, I saw that one shooter was "enjoying AIWB" (Appendix Inside Waist Band} with a Raven Vanguard 2 "holster" (does that mean AIWB has become mainstream?)  I've tried this holster.  Compared to a purpose built AIWB holster, it's not comfortable.  Seeing that made me realize that more folks are trying AIWB because of these type of holsters known as "minimalist holsters" or (I thought of this, give credit where credit is due) "cock rings for trigger guards" but never get past the minimalist holster to a real AIWB holster and therefore don't know how comfortable this mode of carry can be.

  What a purpose built AIWB holster has on these "cock rings for trigger guards" is that it's built to hold an angle of carry.  It doesn't shift around, angle the barrel into your skin and very nearly slip off certain belts plus, I'm of the idea that one should carry with a holster/firearm that one would compete with.  That means if I want to go shoot at the range, I'm not taking a holster that requires me to remove the holster from my belt, slip the holster on the weapon, and then clip the holster on my belt.

  These "minimalist" holsters are fine for short trips out and about and for when one is in a hurry but for real comfort, stability, and training use; just spend the $60-$80 bucks and get a real AIWB holster.  The difference is overwhelming.  Your body will thank you.

  Pics below show my minimalist holster I bought from Alamo Tactical and my new prototype Dark Star Gear AIWB holster in "Stormtrooper White."  I've carried extensively with both and the minimalist holster is in a drawer.  The purpose built AIWB holster is both more comfortable and conceals far better.  I'm pretty enamored of the new DSG holster; using it every day.  The Alamo Tactical Minimalist is a fine holster, limited by design, just like the Raven Vanguard.  It's not a waste of money but it's certainly not as comfortable or as practical as a real, purpose built AIWB holster.

Monday, May 13, 2013

FN FS2000 being discontinued rumors

Here's one source and there's a few others floating around.  I believe them, myself.  Luckily, the military versions (the F2000) is still being produced for the spare parts availability problem.  I've fired a friend's FS2000 and I just didn't get it.  One wonders if FN is just concentrating on the SCAR or did these things not sell well, even during the recent Barackolypse 2.0 Gun Buying Panic?

  Anyway, here's a sort of review of one from a good friend.  Said review is from years ago but I think it's still informative.  Said friend is now a Ranger combat vet and is still a dedicated shooter.

  I bought an FN FS2000 on a whim the other day. I handled it, I thought it was interesting, it was selling for $300 less than they list for, so I picked it up. Also, with rabbit season just around the corner, I wanted something compact that I could have fun with in the car, and also it just drops the empty casings out the front, which is nice for when you're shooting at vermin from inside a vehicle. Hot brass near the pedals is always better than hot brass on leather, or down a friend's shirt. It's a fun shooter. 

  It points well, the Eotech sits just right on it, the balance is nice and it's pretty light. It also is NOT ergonomic like everyone says it is, and it's also not very reliable. Mag changes are barely a step up from the AK, and when it jams, (which it does) it's nearly impossible to get operating again in under 3 minutes. 

A triple feed. I didn't even know this was possible.

This is how you clear a malfunction.

To reload, you grasp the mag, and push up with your knuckle, then wrench the mag free. It doesn't drop free, in fact it'll fight you on it's way out.

With no bolt hold open, you've got to charge it everytime you reload.

Post Script:  the trigger really does suck.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Rough police/drug dealer firefight in Florida

  I ain't even going to attempt to quarterback this one.  Kudos to the LEO that immediately assumed an aggressive stance and delivered what were sure to be eventual ("timers") killing, aim shots before taking three shots to the stomach.  Well done to the LEO that delivered a head shot ("switch") that ended things very quickly.  Best of thoughts to the officers involved. Just leave it on Mute for the whole video, including the danged advertisements.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev, bomber, murderer of children, and gun control advocate

As posted on his Twitter page, he's not a fan of Americans owning modern sporting rifles.  His words below:

Don't stop retweeting this! this has to change!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013