Tuesday, September 3, 2013

New Gen4 Glock 17 review

Olive or "Ludus" (Costa joke) drab Gen 4 17.  0-4-2 RSA (recoil spring adaptor).  Self installed Trijicon HD sights with orange outline front.  New 30274 ejector.   Note:  the new 30274 ejector for Gen4 9mm Glocks works great in Gen 2 and Gen 3 9mm Glocks.  Simply yank it out from the Gen 4 housing using pliers with the jaws padded with cloth and firmly insert into your Gen 3 housing.  

  POI  (Point of Impact)at 7 yards is using the tip of the front sight to bisect the target.  POI at 25 yards uses a "drive the dot" hold.  Weapon is very accurate, noticeably more so than my Gen2 Glock 19 and Gen3 19.  Once I got to know the POA/POI and trigger of the pistol (polished stock), I put up roughly quarter sized Shoot & See dots at 7 yards, dinged 6 in a row and then moved back to 25 yards to put 5 rounds into a 3x5 card unsupported.  Then I called it good on the accuracy of the pistol.   

  So far, I've ran roughly 400 rounds of Wolf steel cased and Winchester Ranger 124gr brass range ammo through the pistol with no malfunctions.  Wolf ran great!  Oddly, enough the Winchester stuff gave me classic Glock Gen4 BTF (brass to face)) vertical ejection.   I've ran into this twice before with Gen4s and was one of the first to trumpet my problems with them on the internet so I knew what to do after checking to make sure that the extractor slipped in and out of the slide smoothly.  I ordered the White Sound HRED upgraded depressor spring assembly and the APEX extractor immediately as I don't want to be told "just don't run range ammo through it" as a "fix" from Glock corporate.  The White Sound HRED arrived in time for the match; no problems were noticed during the match which I had to leave early from halfway through.  The extractor should be here tomorrow.  It's bothersome about a new Gen4 with the latest parts and still exhibiting problems that first occurred in 2010…...  Quite frankly, Glock has not handled this well and still hasn't fixed the problem.

  I have Dark Star Gear AIWB (Appendix Inside Waist Band) and OWB (Outside Waist Band) holsters for it.  Both work quite well.  Once I get some more rounds through it and trust it, I'l start carrying it AIWB.  I used to think most OWB holsters were the same but I noticed during the Sunday USPSA match (don't ask how I did :) that the DSG OWB holster is the best OWB holster I've ever seen for gripping tightly to your hip.