Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Border Patrol whistleblower and mission creep

  Christian Sanchez was transferred from action heavy San Diego to Port Angeles, Washington as a Border Patrol agent.  He quickly found out that his job was nothing more than ten hours a day of nothing but patrolling in a vehicle.  He looked at his station's size which had ballooned from four agents in 2008 to now forty according to Sanchez.  Aghast at the waste of money, manpower, and funds; Sanchez blew the whistle two weeks ago at an open forum in Washington, DC.

  Here are a couple of articles below.  Make your own judgement but to me, this reeks of the fact that once in place, government is impossible to remove.  It does seem odd about there being ten times the amount of agents in Port Angeles now as opposed to 2006.  Canadian invasion perhaps?

Article 1

Article 2

Article 3

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  1. In law enforcement, there is always work if you are wiling to look for it. The northern border is slower than the southern border. What did he expect? This agent had a poor rep when he was down here. His grousing is no surprise. The growth of northern border stations are in direct response to their previously inadequate staffing, the lax immigration standards of Canada, and the increase in Canadian narco traffic (much of it mexican cartel based.)