Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sometimes just looking cool seems to be enough

All you need to do to look cool is slather black "tactical" clothing all over one's self (including knee pads) and.....completely disregard the four Rules of Firearms Safety. Seriously folks, check out 1:34 in the video (picture below).

This the most incompetent, dangerous group of instructors I have ever seen on the innernets. American Defense Enterprises, you are bad for all gun owners that take training seriously. Speaking as someone who has been shot by a negligent discharge, your company is an accident waiting to happen.

The woman is in the line of fire of the men. The man in the right hand corner has just fired at a target to the left and forward of her.

Then check out 1:43. Reholster, then pull two knives..... Yeah, he went there.

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