Sunday, August 7, 2011

A thousand HK fanboys say "we told you so!"

  Remember this blog post?  Definitely looks like it was based on flawed if not fabricated information from the New Yorker article on the SEAL Team that carried out the Bin Laden raid.

  Certain details like the reporter mentioning what one of the team members looked like gives the impression that the reporter; a Mr. Nicholas Schmidle, had directly interviewed the SEALs.  He inventoried  the contents of one guy's pockets not to mention going into detail on the weapon supposedly used to kill Bin Laden and the other weapons carried that day.

  Well......NPR just posted this little blurb after speaking with Schmidle on the air last week (link here):
We incorrectly said that reporter Nicholas Schmidle had spoken with the Navy SEALs who participated in the raid that killed Osama bin Laden. Schmidle used information from others who had debriefed the SEALs; he did not speak with them himself.
  Schmidle got called out pretty publicly here  during a live online Q and A session.  Note how quickly he ended the session when called out.  Also, this is telling:

I talked to a number of people who were intimately involved in the raid, though none of the 23 SEALs who were on the ground in Abbottabad that evening

  For those of you interested in reading more about the veracity of Schmidle, I recommend this article.  Good reading but disappointing that someone like this is writing for the New Yorker.
 Back to the question of "what weapon was used to kill Bin Laden," I can point you to Larry Vickers' Facebook page, an entry on May 15th.

Well I am sure many of you have heard UBL was done in with an HK416 - I must admit I get a sense of satisfaction knowing a weapon I helped create brought him to justice, in the exact manner it was intended for. Definitely a story for the grandkids!!

  Side note:  Larry's FB page is awesome.  Chock full of good advice, firearms trivia contests, and free hat give aways!  Strongly recommend if you do the whole FB thing.  Larry's Facebook page

  Many thanks to SWAT's Ed Lawrence who pointed out the problem with the truthfulness of Schmidle over at one of my favorite forums; Firearms Training and Tactics

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