Friday, August 5, 2011

Detonics, back in the game again with radically new products for a boutique 1911 manufacturer.  This company has been in business and out of business since the 70's.  I have no idea who the new owner(s) is but it's a bit surprising to see Detonics offering a polymer handgun, the "DTX."  The design looks a little like Steyr M or Kimber's never released KPD.

  Detonics seems to have dropped their pitch of customizing the 1911's slide in order to cock the hammer easily (for Condition Two Carry which is hammer down, round in chamber, loaded magazine inserted).  That's probably a good move on their part.

  What's odd (besides the truly awful Flash website) is their pitch for their "Primal Sights."  You'll have to visit the link to see them but they sure look familiar (scroll down to the trapezoid sights).

  Detonics, best of luck.  Get the new stuff out to some no BS type writers like Ed Lawrence of SWAT and  please rework your website.


  1. Having had some... er... unfortunate Detonics experiences in the past, it's become one of those companies, like Charter Arms, that when I hear that it's died again, my first thought is "Will someone please remember to put a stake through its heart this time?"

  2. So, do you think they bought the corpse of the KPD off of Kimber? That pic on their site doesn't look like a.....pic. Maybe a CAD drawing?