Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A policeman expounds upon dealing with citizens carrying concealed pistols

  First off, this is an excellent, pro CCW article.  In it, the officer describes the appearance and demographic of American citizens carrying a concealed handgun.  He takes pains to expound upon how to tell a legally carrying citizen from a thug.  He reiterates that CCW permit holders are almost always law abiding citizens who will come to an officer's aid should he or she need it.

  He goes into extreme detail on how to spot a CCW holder.  Every piece of clothing that is common with CCW holders is mentioned.  This man knows his police work.

  Some of the more valid points covered for we citizens:

  • many if not most CCW holders dress like cops.  That means the same brands of "tactical clothing such as 5.11, Eotac, LA Police Gear, etc.
  • a piece of gear I detest, the "tactical carry vest" is mentioned as a target indicator.  Folks, buy a good IWB (Inside Waist Band) if your'e serious about not being "made."
  • the ubiquitous flashlight and knife clips on the outside of pants pockets are mentioned.  I've strongly considering spray painting mine tan for this reason.
  • he refers to groin area carry as "deep cover carry" and notes that it will be hard to pick up visually, usually only found by a pat down.  He is referring to AIWB (Appendix Inside Waist Band) carry which is the mode of carry I prefer and practice due to the superior speed of draw, unparalleled concealment, and comfort with a purpose built holster.
  What's laudable about this article is that the author takes the time to advocate education; not enforcement, should the CCW holder not know the local law pertaining to carry in his current jurisdiction.  Personally, I agree but anyone carrying concealed has assumed the duty of knowing the law.  "I didn't know" is not an excuse you should plan on using.  

  Whenever you are approached by an LEO (Law Enforcement Officer) and you are carrying, exercise extreme caution.  Remember, the LEO doesn't know you from Adam and really, really wants to go home at night.  DO keep your hands up if commanded.  DO immediately inform the officer that you are carrying as it will save you potential heartache down the road.  If commanded to disarm, repeat the command back with an affirmative as to what you are doing exactly.  "I am removing the pistol from my right hip with my right hand and laying it down on the ground, Officer."  Be calm.  Often, once the LEO apprises the situation and realizes he or she is dealing with a law abiding, respectful citizen, their demeanor will drastically change.  Always, always take the time to calmly repeat the officer's commands back as you obey them.  If you don't understand a command, request verification.  NEVER make a move without the officer's consent and always tell the officer exactly what you are doing before you do it.  "I am now reaching for my wallet in my right rear pocket with my right hand to give you my ID as told to, Officer."

  One tip that was taught to me by a very seasoned, now retired BATFE agent (incidentally, a huge proponent of the right to keep and bear arms) was that if you are ever approached by police and commanded to show identification, flipping open your wallet while holding it high, triggers a subconscious process in the officer's mind as that's exactly what LEOs are trained to do when dealing with each other - showing the badge.  Be slow, verbally telegraph your movements.  

  Being a calm, respectful CCW holder will go a long way towards public and law enforcement acceptance of our lifestyle and will make your own life easier.  


  1. I think that when he's talking about groinal area carry, he means setups like the "Thunderwear"...

  2. I'd bet that he's never ran into a dedicated AIWB carrying citizen.....

  3. I dunno, Ron Avery's a pretty switched-on dude.

  4. I think he might have been explaining it in those words for the LEOs that have no idea what "AIWB" means.