Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Train for the moment you're naked in a locker room full of male rapists.....

  "SouthNarc" of Total Protection Interactive, speaks his mind on carbine training and the American gun culture in general here at Pistol-Forum.  Gun forum post o' the month.

Personally I think that if a man is naked and is standing in a locked room with ten other naked men, and can't keep at least half of them from raping him, then the last thing he needs is a carbine course. 

  He then explains himself and honestly, I agree with him.  Fitness is the bane of folks that talk guns and tactics everyday.  People get wrapped up in muzzle brakes, optics, ballistics, and never once mention PT nor techniques.  SouthNarc again:

 A lot of people I see taking firearms training are scared and soft. I believe that building fighters and tacticians is first and foremost and everything begins with mindset and software.
Where I would start is at the bare bones, no hardware level, which is fitness and defending yourself with.....yourself.
Alot of folks try and buy confidence and capability. When all the toys and cool guy gear is stripped away what's left? The naked man analogy is an amusing way of getting the point across.

  SouthNarc's bio can be viewed here.   A video overview of his ECQC (Extreme Close Quarters Combat) class can be perused here.

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