Thursday, June 14, 2012

How low can you go?

  There has been a lot of (mainly) just outrage over Rush Limbaugh's crass remarks about Sandra Fluke.    Said outrage (It's a war on women by the right!) of course does not extend to calling Sarah Palin a word that rhymes with "stunt", threatening her with death, nor gang rape.

  However, the ugliest and most depicable act of either side (I'm not a Palin, Limbaugh nor Sandra Fluke fan) has to be the below from Ted Rall.  Ted is of course, the classy guy who also penned this cartoon about Pat Tillman when he died.  In the below cartoon, Ted lambast widows and widowers of people killed by terrorists, including the then pregnant wife of Daniel Pearl.

  Ted, there is something wrong with you.  As in "normal people don't think this way wrong."  As in something is twisted inside of you.  It's a shame that this story was not given the attention that the fat windbag Limbaugh's far less hateful remarks were given.

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