Monday, March 11, 2013

Magpul shrugs

Goodbye, Colorado.   May you soon become the urban centric, debt ridden, Bloombergian utopia you dream of.

Bloomberg bought Colorado Democrats.  Bloomberg bought Colorado.

Statement from a Magpul executive:

"We've been going all weekend. Thought we had it late last week...Bloomberg flew in another money guy with deeper pockets to make the rounds, and now we are where we are.
Just to recap for you...this is Bloomberg's bill, brought to the Gov by Bloomberg's lobbyists, Sponsored by a state senator promised Bloomberg support (and at the behest of the governor) passing with votes bought by Bloomberg. All this despite the constituents overwhelmingly opposing it except in some very liberal districts, proponents of the bill admitting it will do nothing for public safety, and thousands showing up at the Capitol and at town hall meetings to oppose it.
Democracy in action, folks."

1 comment:

  1. I hate to say it because it happens at the expense of Colorado citizens' liberty, but in the long run this is likely to have a positive impact on Second Amendment issues around the country. All the Bloombergian assistance in the world won't keep those state legislators and governor in office if the majority in Colorado truly are outraged by these laws. Many of them might find themselves, much like Magpul, without a home in Colorado anymore.

    "Vote for this and suffer" is, at the end of the day, a stronger signal -- and better demotivator -- than fighting year after year to prevent such a bill from passing into law.

    None of which makes it any easier a pill to swallow for the citizens of Colorado whose rights are being trampled, sadly.