Friday, August 10, 2012

Concealed is.....(wait for it)


  Lawyer and law abiding citizen Sung Ho Hwang of New Haven Connecticut forgot about the last part while attending a Batman movie at his local theater.  Folks saw his concealed pistol (small of back, he had to work to make this visible) and called the police.  The cops swarmed the theater with over 20 officers responding.

  Mr Hwang sounds like a reasonable fellow who articulated a credible defense of the Second Amendment and was only a victim of his own poor choice in manner of concealment.  All of this could have been avoided if he had done more than pay lip service to carrying concealed.  Methinks he hasn't undergone formal handgun training either given his choice of carry at the small of the back.

  An OWB (Outside Waist Band) holster with its edge or more showing under a cover garment isn't covered and it isn't concealed.  This is not a perception issue, it's a reality issue.  If people see it, it's not concealed.  I can never get over how folks will agonize on which handgun is best for them and then stride off into the sunset with a Serpa/Uncle Mike's/Galco POS holster flopping around on their hip.  Go IWB (Inside Waist Band) with a proper belt.  Research the styles of concealed carry out there.  If you don't see what you think fits you best, try communicating with a custom holster manufacturer.  They will more often than not, build you exactly what you specify.  Also, their holsters will not fall apart nor allow carry in an unsafe manner. 

  Trusted holster manufacturers are below.  That means I use or have used their products and they worked as advertised.  Below is a picture of my Belgian Malinois and I finishing up a successful session of Schutzhund bite/protection training.  I am running with a Glock 19 concealed in a Custom Carry Concepts Shaggy AIWB (Appendix, Inside Waist Band) holster.  Comfortable, secure, and concealed.  I am wel laware that the trained eye (if looking intently) could see my weapon "printing" but highly unlikely in everyday carry conditions outside of running and handling a 75lb Belgian Malinois on bite.

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  1. Good doggie! I think sitting in a theater seat with a gun holstered SOB must be excruciatingly painful - but I don't get to carry so my opinion is rather from a distance.