Friday, August 3, 2012

Inspiration and justice, sweet juicy justice

A professor in Arizona takes it upon himself to strike a blow for freedom and justice by ordering a free cup of water from Chik Fil A and berating the girl working the drive through who displayed far more maturity and composure than he did.  He was subsequently fired from the company he works for and the college where he teaches took his staff page down from their website.  In another day and age, this strident ass would have been spitting upon returning Vietnam veterans.  As a supporter of gay marriage, I'm amazed by this level of pettiness....  No word yet on if his employer offered the Chik Fil A gal a job.....

The Olympics are outstanding this year.  In a uniquely American story, an African American teenager who's the daughter of an Army (multiple deployments to Afghanistan) veteran and fostered (only to be near her coach) by a white family, Gabby Douglas  "The Flying Squirrel" took the gold in women's gymnastics at the Olympics.  Meanwhile, Kayla Harrison overcame a coach sexually abusing her as a teenager to win the gold in women's judo.  She only came out publicly about the abuse after the Sandusky story broke.  She would much rather people talk about her win.

Meanwhile back in the US, I took an invitation only Failure2Stop "high stress" class last weekend and it was outstanding.  The degree of accountability to which we were held was offset by the hilarity and good humor displayed by the instructors and students.  If you missed, you could recite poetry, sing a song, or even do calisthenics.  Hits count, gents.  Friend "VoodooMan" has an excellent review of the class up at his blog.  I'll post the video of me doing the "dog drill" (shooting a jug advancing upon you at a high rate of speed, popping the inlfated balloon inside of it to get a "hit")  I was the first man up to shoot this drill and folks quickly learned that the best way to get a hit was to stand still.  Obviously, I did not but I choose to think that shooting on the move was more realistic.....  However, hits count.  Also, stuff breaks.  My Gen2 Glock19 had its front sight (AmeriGlo) come loose twice.  The rear sight was also loose and we had to raise material on it with a centerpunch to keep it in place.  Also had a few malfunctions that I think are attributable to the below plunger spring (yes, it was a newer spring).  It's pictured below a brand new spring I replaced it with. 

Click link for the video

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