Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Dakota Meyer sounds off

  On folks in air conditioned TOCs making calls for men actually doing the fighting.  There's folks that claim they're aviators because they "fly" drones and sometimes they even claim PTSD.  There's folks that claim they've seen combat from a screen.  And then there's Dakota Meyers.....  Read his story, folks and be humbled.

I read it last night, straight through.  His humble, blunt honesty is striking.  One gets the feeling he wrote the book purely to help Captain (Army) Will Swenson get the recognition he deserves.  Elsewhere in the book, some disinfecting sunlight is shed upon the Army TTOC officers who through slavish devotion to CYA and procedure allowed men to get killed that day in Ganjigal.  Said officers didn't listen to the men on the ground.  Once again, we read of the bravery of Army Kiowa pilots who helped turned the tide of battle and allow Corporal Meyer and SSGT (now Gunny) Juan Rodriguez-Chavez to reach their dead comrades and recover their dead friend's bodies (saving a few lives along the way).  Read the book, folks.  It's well written and not too long.  I know it's not about Tier One operators but it's worth your time and a story that needs to be told. 

  Meanwhile, the nation gives more press coverage to a dead panda cub in DC than the casualties last week.

  Thankfully, for those of us disgusted with the media and the American public, there's Duffelblog.

  Dakota Meyer invited to crime fighting super heroes (Nice mention of Brian Chontosh,
"instructor of Murderology at the Naval Academy")

  An excellent piece on the hypocrisy of the Afghans and "desecration"

  New logo for Marine Scout Snipers  (the "SS" logo has been around for a LONG time and never had a Nazi connotation.)  Fer Chesty's sake, it's OK to shoot them in the head but not have an SS symbol that means "Scout Sniper"?  Of course, this is the country where our troops are allowed to set the enemy on fire, shoot them, and bury them alive but not allowed to look at porn or drink before 21..... 

  Apologizing to a blue sticker (what the hell is the point of saluting a vehicle?) 



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