Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Anti Costa? (Tactical fashion)

  For those smart enough to avoid the non technical posts in gun forums, it might come as a shock to find out that grown men obsess over such things as the shades of FDE (Flat Dark Earth), tactical pants, and Arc'teryx jackets.

  For some, it turns into star worship.  Christ Costa; formerly of Magpul Dynamics, has followers that obsess over what shade his jacket is, what sunglasses he wears, and every brand name product he uses.  And he uses some very expensive, high end stuff; from jackets to suppressors.....

  Cue this report from a friend on a past John "Gunner" McPhee's heavy carbine marksmanship class:

That guy is the Anti-Costa.  Spotted rounds effectively throughout the course with a Simmons Spotting scope, When it rained he tore a hole in a garbage bag like a hobo(rather than the Arc'teryx Leaf full body suit) and half his gear was made out of duct tape and 550 cord.  Nothing he did or taught was in any way flashy or complex, but it all made sense, was easy to remember, and it worked.