Sunday, December 29, 2013

A slide lock reload and befriending a pro 2nd Amendment commercial artist

  I was first taught how to preposition your strong side thumb on the slide release by Todd Green during his Aim Fast Hit Fast class that I took (highly recommended!).  Basically, just pre stage your thumb on the slide release while grabbing that extra mag because you're reloading from a weapon with its slide locked back.  As you insert the mag, the force of the mag going home works to force the slide release up against that thumb that is resting on it (with light pressure) and BAM! the slide goes home on the loaded mag, weapon is in Condition One, and you're getting back on target.

  I met new friend Pop Mahn through a mutual friend as few months ago.  Pop Mahn was ready to do something unheard of as an artist that portrays guns and people using them and......see how the guns are used properly that he will be portraying in his art.  Lacking someone competent, poor Pop ended up with me and took the below pictures of me demonstrating a slide lock reload in order to have as a reference.

  By the way, buy some of Pop's stuff already!

  Any perceived errors are my fault and no fault of anyone that trained me.  I do know about me hunching my shoulders and my fairly comical facial expressions :)  Keep in mind that I was speaking about what I was doing as I did it.

Shooting to slide lock and reaching for spare mag (carried in the brilliant Kytex mag carrier) that is concealed and carried at about 8:30

Orienting weapon so that I can both keep my eyes on the target and see the magwell.  Preparing to drop the mag.

Mag is falling, my hand with the reload is coming up to meet the weapon.

Still bringing that mag up.  Note that I am NOT bringing my eyes to the weapon but rather bring the weapon up into my field of view.  The weapon is angled to aid the magazine dropping out and for ease of reloads.

Almost there......  Strong hand thumb is on top of that slide release.

Magazine is loaded, slide had gone forward, weapon is "loaded" (dry gun for demonstration purposes), weak hand is reacquiring the grip, weapon is being driven forward.

Done and back on target with a reloaded weapon!

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