Tuesday, December 31, 2013

CavArms and I

I'll preface with that Marine thing that I've often been accused of overdoing.  I'm loyal to friends and I never forget when someone has done me a good turn.  Too loyal?  Not sure but hey, go back to the Marine thing.  It's how we're wired.

I've read a bit of vitriol directed at the former owner of CavArms and his prosecution by the BATFE.  These documents are readily available online and I've read through them.  I don't think he didn't make some errors that were not easily avoidable.  I do get that.  However, I'm still of the camp that the man should not have been stripped of all 2nd Amendment rights because of business paperwork.  Happily, he kept on keeping on and now has another business.  He also refers to himself as a "US resident" and that makes perfect sense to me.  Forever unable to pick up a gun to defend himself or his family.  Literally, forever.  Do you feel safer?

  Anyway, in 2007 I took a .230 grain .45ACP to the elbow in a negligent discharge.  My life was forever changed.  My finances took a deep, deep dive.  I was in a cast and sling off and on for nearly three years.  At a financial low point, I put my custom Nighthawk 1911 up for sale because I needed the money badly after losing 40% of my salary and having to pay for my own insurance.

Shawn Nealon,  a man I've never met in person; saw my ad trying to sell my Nighthawk.  To my great surprise, he responded publicly and said something along the lines of :

Dude, don't sell your guns!  I'll donate a rifle to you so that you can raffle it off and keep the proceeds for your expenses from the shooting.

I didn't take the rifle though I probably should have because I'm still suffering financially from this incident.  If this shooting had happened today, I'd probably start a fund to pay my bills.  But that's not my point.  My point is that Shawn Nealon is an estimable human being who probably would have offered the same thing to one of his now detractors if they were in a similar situation.  I really don't have the words of thanks that I should but I have no problem throwing this incident in the faces of those that talk shit about Shawn.  Is my argument completely logical?  Nope.  Were the detractors there offering me help?  Nope.  Do you think a guy like this deserves to be punished the rest of his life?

Even after I refused the offer of a rifle, Shawn insisted on giving me a CavArms AR15 lower receiver.  It was shipped following all applicable laws to my FFL.  He sent me a complete lower to "aid in my recovery" and let me tell you, that lower is danged indestructible.

Dean R Koontz in Twilight Eyes put it better than I.

Humanity ain't always what's pretty. Some of the worst killers are
pretty. Humanity ain't always what sounds nice and falls smooth on the
ear, 'cause any pitchman can charm a snake, but some pitchmen ain't too
humane. A person shows humanity when he's there you need him, when be
takes you in, when he has a genuine kind word, when he makes you feel
not alone, when he makes your fight his fight. That's what humanity
is, if you want to know. And-if we had a little more of it in this
world, maybe we could get ourselves out of the handbasket we're in ...
or at least stop carrying that handbasket straight to Hell, the way we
have been for so long.
-an anonymous carnival pitchman

Anyway, if you agree with anything I've said, please consider Shawn's new business for your medical needs.  He'll ship quickly and he's honest.  He'd also have your back in a pinch and I know that from experience.  He's camping this week so don't throw an online tantrum if you don't hear from him right away.

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  1. I have one of the MKII Cav Arms lowers and love it. I think you've seen it.