Sunday, April 13, 2014

Las Vegas Metro cop fantasizing about shooting a citizen

Officer Russell Laws of TacOne Consulting likes Facebook.  He also likes thinking about killing citizens, specifically the citizens that showed up to support Cliven Bundy and he doesn't mind telling the world that via public webpage.  I saw the below transpire in real time on the evil Book of Faces and then contacted author JL Bourne about permission to relate what had happened.  Happily, he saved the below screenshot.

If you disagree with what you see below, make your voice heard.  Is this the kind of policeman you want in your community?  Funny how this cop is from the department notorious for killing citizens.  Odd, that.

1 comment:

  1. Cop fantasies about killing a civilian because the cop thinks the civilian is fantasizing about killing him. A whole lot of FAIL going on. When will cops realize that in situations like THESE we don't want to hurt police we just want them to do their job and NOT HURT US!