Thursday, July 18, 2013

One gunshop commando

One Gunshop Commando to rule them all, One Gunshop Commando to find them,  One Gunshop Commando to bring them all and in the darkness bind them 

In the Land of Fauquier County where the gun shop invaders lie.

I should not make fun of a good local gunshop but.....sometimes folks do this to themselves.

In the gun shop in Vint Hill Virginia, the One Gunshop Commando works.

Here is his apparent EDC gear as witnessed multiple times by myself and friends:

  •  AIWB (Appendix, Inside Waist Band) Bowie knife of some sort.  Carried without a cover garment.
  • Cuffs.
  • Baton
  • Glock (in a SERPA, of course).  OWB (Outside Waist Band) no cover garment.
  • Two extra Glock mags
  • Badge, displayed openly.  For a local security company (he calls it a "contractor" but they don't contract overseas.  Not actual law enforcement.
  • Extra pocket knife clipped inside pocket
  • And.....the piece de resistance:  a wind meter worn hanging around his neck.  You know; for those long distance shots with his Glock when he has to dial some windage.  Duh.
In a manifestation of my Marine-ness, I asked him "why do you wear all of that shit?"  He blustered back with "ever seen a gun store invasion?"  Yeah.....  Words kind of failed me at that point.

I considered taking a picture and actually naming the store outright but I'm not that mean.  Hopefully the guy will get over wearing his entire ensemble and just do his job sans 20 pounds of crap he doesn't need.  If you want to see the spectacle, it's not hard to figure out where this place is.  Try not to point and laugh openly.  


  1. I mean, those Kestrel things are neat to just play with, but to carry one around every day? Indoors? WTF, over?

  2. AROUND HIS NECK, HE WEARS THE WIND METER. I've seen him with it four times.

    Also, he's in GREAT shape :)

  3. Serpa, AIWB Bowie knife by his junk; When is the funeral?

  4. This is the same douchebag that gave me an attitude when I wanted to buy a Gen 4 Glock 34 a few months back.